Public Works Standards

  • Land use applications submitted after Dec. 31, 2018 will be subject to updated standards.


  • 2019 Public Works Standards update

    2011 Public Works Standards 

    1. Standard detail drawings:The standard detail drawings  are illustrations of commonly required infrastructure components such as manholes, catchbasins, curbs, and sidewalks.    
    2. Construction specifications: The construction specifications contain requirements for the assembly of infrastructure and for required materials. 
    3. Design standards: The design standards provide guidance for the City's requirements for designing infrastructure including guidance for minimum pipe sizing, minimum distances between manholes and catchbasins, and maximum street grades. 
    4. Erosion prevention and sediment control (EPSC) manual:The EPSC manual contains specifications for reducing or eliminating pollutants from entering the City's stormwater and ground water, especially related to construction activities. The manual includes both devices and methods of installation (deemed Best Management Practices) for controlling pollution reduction.

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