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City Charter

    • Current Charter
    • Charter History
    Current Charter

    City Charter

    The City’s Charter establishes the framework for how the City government operates.  Gresham’s City Charter was adopted on May 2, 1978. 

    Charter History

    History of Charter changes

    Pursuant to Section 45A of the Charter, any measure which proposes to amend, repeal or replace the Charter shall take effect only if it is approved by at least 60% of the electors casting votes for or against such measure.

    The City Charter has been revised ten times since its adoption in 1978.  

  • Charter Review Committee

    Pursuant to Section 45B of the Charter, Gresham City Council shall appoint a Charter Review Committee (CRC) to review the current language of the City's Charter every eight years.

    Read more about the Charter Review Committee.