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City Manager's Office

City Manager's Office

  • The Office of Governance and Management (OGM) manages all City operations and is led by a City Manager. In addition to all aspects of City management other key services of OGM include:
    • Communications
    • Elections
    • Government relations
    • Neighborhood associations 
    • Support to Mayor and City Council
    • Volunteer program

    City Manager, Nina VetterCity Manager biography

    The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to manage the day-to-day operations of the city and implement Council policy direction.

    City Manager Nina Vetter joined Gresham on June 28, 2021, bringing more than a decade of progressively responsible government service experience, including expertise in budget and finance.

    She graduated with her bachelor's degree from George Washington University and her master's degree in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University. She is pleased to have joined the community and looks forward to carrying out Council's vision for Gresham.