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    • A design illustration of the redevelopment project at the former Fred Meyer site in Rockwood.
    • A rendering shows the design for new retail spaces for small businesses through the Rockwood Rising redevelopment project.
    • Market-Hall-interior design.jpg
    • Rockwood's Market Hall groundbreaking event.
    • Rockwood's Innovation Hub in Gresham.
    • Rockwood Public Safety Facility
    • Students at HB Lee Middle School
    • Rockwood restaurant kitchen
    • Kids at play at Friends of the Children in Gresham
    • Rockwood-MAX-Station at night.

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    • Creating opportunity in the heart of the Rockwood community. Read about Rockwood Rising.

    • Start your small business dream in Rockwood. Learn about tenant opportunities.

    • The 38,740-square foot fresh food marketplace will have short-term incubator spaces to help local entrepreneurs realize their culinary dreams. Interested? Learn about tenant opportunities.

    • Downtown Rockwood's Market Hall groundbreaking on Oct. 6, 2020.

    • From a preschool to foster young minds to workforce training and small business coaching, the innovation hub is dedicated to the creative spirit of the neighborhood. Open for business fall 2020/winter 2021.

    • Rockwood Public Safety Facility, 675 NE 181st. Ave.

    • HB Lee Middle School students

    • Rockwood has exciting opportunities to open a restaurant space. Learn about tenant opportunities.

    • Children and teens thrive in Rockwood with support from the Friends of the Children, Rockwood Boys and Girls Club and Open School East.

    • Rockwood Sunrise public art at the Rockwood 188th Avenue MAX station.

Urban Renewal

  • Building Rockwood's future: A citywide vote in 2003 established the 1,211-acre Rockwood-West Gresham Urban Renewal Area. The 20-year Urban Renewal Plan is improving Rockwood's economy and community, and is a partnership among residents, property and business owners, and the City of Gresham.

    The Gresham Redevelopment Commission administers the Rockwood-West Gresham Renewal Plan.

    The future of urban renewal

    The City Council approved asking voters in May to extend the urban renewal district to 2029. Watch the meeting.

    • Voter Decision 2022
    • What is Urban Renewal?
    • Urban Renewal Accomplishments
    Voter Decision 2022

    The urban renewal district expires in 2023. This would leave $37 million unused because of delays from the Great Recession in 2008 and pandemic.

    We propose extending the urban renewal district to 2029. The extra six years would allow us to invest $92 million in new projects to improve this neighborhood’s quality of life.

    To date, urban renewal has brought in new development, businesses, schools, after-school youth programs, helped with storefront grants and apartment restoration.

    With a little more time, imagine the projects that could be tackled in the future – using money already earmarked. 

    • Transportation improvements to fix the many traffic accidents along 181st between Halsey and Division streets.
    • Adding parks and recreation facilities.
    • Continuing to invest in small businesses.
    What is Urban Renewal?

    Urban renewal is an economic development tool used in over 100 urban renewal areas in Oregon.

    Urban renewal does not increase your property taxes. 

    How it works

    • It dedicates funds to an identified neighborhood so a city’s urban renewal agency can focus on improving the area. 
    • It is often used to provide infrastructure to help spur economic development.
    • Urban renewal changes how the existing taxes paid on a property are divided out amongst different taxing districts like the City and Multnomah County. 
    • As the value of properties in the urban renewal district increases, money becomes available to use on the projects.
    • Urban renewal in Gresham can provide funding for projects sooner.
    Urban Renewal Accomplishments

    Invested $44.1 million in the Rockwood-West Gresham area.

    Attracted $179.2 million in private investments. 

    Added 670 jobs to the urban renewal area through 40 new businesses. Average salary: $62,000 a year. 

    Generated $161 million in new-business revenue that can be sent back to the community. 

    Awarded 86 grants to the community that funded business expansion, storefront improvements, construction support, and repairs to apartments to provide 1,652 living spaces that are safe and energy efficient. 

    Read the 2020 Rockwood report

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