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Urban Renewal

  • Building Rockwood's future: A citywide vote in 2003 established the 1,211-acre Rockwood-West Gresham Urban Renewal Area. The 20-year Urban Renewal Plan is improving Rockwood's economy and community. It's a partnership among residents, property and business owners, and the City of Gresham.

    The Gresham Redevelopment Commission (GRDC) administers the Rockwood-West Gresham Renewal Plan.

    Proposed ballot measure

    Read the proposed Charter amendment for Urban Renewal

    The City Council voted to send a ballot measure amending the City's Charter to voters in November.

    Urban Renewal plans are created and governed by state law. But Gresham's current Urban Renewal Charter language differs from state law and other cities. This is a disadvantage keeping the City from creating a more livable community, attracting development that benefits residents, and appealing to businesses to create jobs.

    If approved, this measure would amend the Charter to be consistent with existing state law. And allow the City Council, as the governing body charged with the powers authorized by state law, to perform any act or carry out any function to approve or make large changes to Urban Renewal plans.

    Rockwood B188

    B188 is a redevelopment project at the former Sunrise Center and Asian Kitchen property at the 188th MAX station. Current buildings on the property will be removed this fall to prepare for development. This community-focused investment proposes a new school, gym, public plaza for sports and events, workforce training, housing, and small business retail spaces.

    Learn more about B188:  English | Español | Pусский | tiếng Việt 

    • What is Urban Renewal?
    • Urban Renewal Accomplishments
    What is Urban Renewal?

    Urban renewal is an economic development tool used in over 100 urban renewal areas in Oregon.

    Urban renewal does not increase your property taxes. 

    How it works

    • It dedicates funds to an identified neighborhood so a city’s urban renewal agency can focus on improving the area. 
    • It is often used to provide infrastructure to help spur economic development.
    • Urban renewal changes how the existing taxes paid on a property are divided out amongst different taxing districts like the City and Multnomah County. 
    • As the value of properties in the urban renewal district increases, money becomes available to use on the projects.
    • Urban renewal in Gresham can provide funding for projects.
    Urban Renewal Accomplishments

    Invested $44.1 million in the Rockwood-West Gresham area.

    Attracted $179.2 million in private investments. 

    Added 670 jobs to the urban renewal area through 40 new businesses. Average salary: $62,000 a year. 

    Generated $161 million in new-business revenue that can be sent back to the community. 

    Awarded 86 grants to the community that funded business expansion, storefront improvements, construction support, and repairs to apartments to provide 1,652 living spaces that are safe and energy efficient. 

    Read the 2020 Rockwood report

    • B188 Development Illustrations
    • GALLERY Revised Site Plan and Market Hall
    • GALLERY Accomplishments Downtown Rockwood and La Villa
    • U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer talks with Gresham Mayor Travis Stovall on the sidewalk during a tour of Downtown Rockwood in 2021.
    • City staff wearing hard hats stand in the center of the Rockwood Market Hall looking up at the skylights, twinkle lights and indoor design of the almost-finished Market Hall.
    • The three story Innovation Hub building built from the ground up stands in the sunset in Downtown Rockwood.
    • A woman walks across Burnside to catch the MAX train in Rockwood..
    • GALLERY Accomplishments Open School East exterior
    • A gym full of young people warm up for a game of basketball at the CareOregon Boys & Girls Club in Rockwood.
    • Two Migration Brewing employees stand in front of machinery in the company's brewing facility in Rockwood.
    • A customer orders a coffee to go in front of the Dutch Bros coffee store in Rockwood with new paint.
    • The Rockwood Station apartment building is painted a cheerful yellow with an apartment rehabilitation grant.
    • A new widened path offers safety from passing cars along Sandy Boulevard's industrial area.
    • An outside look at the Rockwood Public Safety Facility

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    • The Gresham Redevelopment Commission is currently considering site options for the new B188 Development. 

    • The Downtown Rockwood development is creating opportunity in the heart of the community.

    • Downtown Rockwood webcam and construction slideshow

    • Downtown Rockwood's La Villa restaurant opened in 2021 in the Lumen Building. The Rockwood Market Hall under construction, right, is now open. 

    • Congressman Earl Blumenaur and Gresham Mayor Travis Stovall tour Downtown Rockwood at 181st Avenue in 2021.

    • City staff get a progress tour in January from Downtown Rockwood Market Hall Manager Justin Bardwell. The Market Hall is open!

    • The Lumen Building offers support services from a preschool to foster young minds, to workforce training and small business coaching.

    • This urban renewal project with TriMet modernized the Rockwood/E 188th Avenue MAX Station with added safety features and  "Rockwood Sunrise" art. It reopened in May 2011.

    • Open School East brings expanded youth services to Rockwood and revitalizes the Stark Street corridor.

    • The CareOregon Boys & Girls Club at Rockwood opened in October 2017; fun at the dedication event.

    • In 2018, Migration Brewing opened a production facility and restaurant in the Rockwood urban renewal area.

    • Dutch Bros. Coffee in Rockwood after an urban renewal storefront improvement grant.

    • Welcome! Rockwood Station apartments after an urban renewal rehabilitation grant.

    • Sandy Boulevard street improvements completed in 2021. This public improvement project will attract new industrial development to the urban renewal area.

    • Providing a safe presence, the Rockwood Public Safety Facility opened in 2013 at 675 NE 181st Ave.