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State of the City

  • In 2019 former Mayor Shane Bemis took a ride with a few of the people who are working tirelessly to make Gresham a better place. The unscripted conversations tackle issues ranging from parks to streets to homelessness.

    Hop in the car and take a listen. 

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    • Lynn Snodgrass, CEO, Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Superintendents Dr. A. Katrise Perera, Dr. Danna Diaz, and Dr. Paul Coakley 

    • Josh Fuhrer, longtime Urban Renewal Executive Director 

    • Aaron Sando and Kevin Dahlgren, Homeless Services Team  

    • Ricki Ruiz, Gresham Youth Advisory Council Advisor 

    • Steve Fancher, Public Works Director 

    • Collin Kazu Lewis, Mt. Hood Community College Student Body President

    • Sue O'Halloran, Business Owner and Chair, Gresham Center for the Arts 

    • Council President Jerry Hinton, Councilors Karylinn Echols, Mario Palmero

    • Todd "Mr. Gresham" Kirnan and Alix Bemis, co-founder of Gresham Reads 

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