Recycle at Home

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  • How to Recycle

    Recycling and yard debris collection is included in the cost of your garbage service.

    Residential recycling in Gresham uses a two-sort system: glass in one bin; paper, plastic, metal in the other.  

     Collection day reminders 
    • Set out containers and roll carts by 6:00 am on collection day.
    • Place containers within 3 feet of the curb and leave a space of 3 feet between carts.
    • Place carts 10 feet from cars, mailboxes, basketball hoops, trees and other stationary objects.
    • Remove carts and containers from curb within 24 hours, preferably the evening of pick-up day.
    Apartments/Multifamily Complexes

    Multi-family complex managers must provide recycling opportunities and education to residents. We can help.

    Waste Prevention Resources

    That stuff you’re parting with might not be trash. Find reuse and recycling options nearby.

    Find a Recycler

    Search the directory or call Metro’s free hotline at 503-234-3000 for help.

    Reduce, reuse and prevent

    Reduce, reuse and recycle is more than a slogan. At home, we encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle in this order of importance.

    How to reuse in everyday life

    • Use reusable grocery bags, coffee mugs and lunch containers so you don’t throw away after one time.
    • Reuse items like jars and bags for leftover food storage.
    • Learn how to store fruits and vegetables so they stay fresh longer. Go to Eat Smart Waste Less and sign up for the challenge.
    • Save and reuse gift bags and tissue paper.
    • Buy in bulk whenever possible. Bulk flour, almonds, cereal etc. can go home in one plastic bag instead of a bag and a box.
    • Eating out? Bring Tupperware to take food home in instead of a disposable container.
    • When you want to buy something, ask: Do I really need it or can I make it at home?
    Rule of thumb: Repair what you can, donate usable items, and purchase used items.

    Bring items to a free Repair Café on Thursday, May 18. 

    Additional resources
    Yard Debris

    All garbage service options include weekly collection of yard debris.  Additional yard debris, including in paper bags, may be set out for an extra charge.

    Yard debris tips

    • Don’t include plastic bags, stumps, rocks, dirt, ashes or animal waste.
    • Composting leaves, grass and twigs lessens yard debris and creates rich soil.
    • Pumpkins may be recycled as yard debris.
    • Setting out a bundle instead of a can?  Make sure it is no longer than 4 feet and 18 inches wide.
    • Make sure the “yard debris” sticker is visible from the curb.

    Yard debris credit

    Do you compost all your yard debris or use a landscaping service that takes yours?

    You can apply for a $2.85 monthly yard debris exemption.  Customers can apply for the credit within 30 days of starting service or during open enrollment (April - June).

    Request a yard debris exemption

    Repair Cafe

    Don't junk it, repair it. Bring your broken household items to be repaired for free by skilled volunteers.

    The City and Coalition of Gresham Neighborhood Associations sponsor a Gresham Repair Café three times a year.

    Join us the next repair cafe on May 18

    Types of household items repaired

    • Broken bicycles, chains and tires
    • Torn clothing, missing buttons and other fabric repairs
    • Broken clocks, fans and small kitchen appliances
    • Electronics (calculators, Gameboys, remote controls, desktop and laptop computers)
    • Small furniture

    Items not accepted for repair

    • Televisions
    •  Microwaves
    • Small engines 

    For more information or to volunteer, contact us at or 503-618-2694 or visit the Repair Cafe Facebook page.

  • Additional resources 

    Contact us

    For more information about residential recycling, contact Shaunna Sutcliffe, 503-618-2694 or