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  • Volunteering

    The City has a variety of year-round volunteer opportunities for all.

    • Help out in a park.
    • Preserve our natural resources.
    • Be eyes and ears with other safety-minded citizens.
    • Serve on a board or commission.
    • Volunteer with your local Neighborhood Association.

    Other volunteer opportunities

Green and Clean

  • Saturday, May 14

    10:00 am-2:00 pm
    Green and Clean event flyer

    This year's volunteer registration is full.

    Event details

    Be a part of Gresham's annual Green and Clean event, a day of service where we come together to promote community pride and celebrate our parks and trails.

    This year's event will take place at four of Gresham's community gardens:

    • Vance Park, 1400 SE 182nd Ave.
    • Gresham City Hall, 1333 NW Eastman Parkway
    • Central City, 840 NE 8th Ave.
    • Thom Park, 1135 NE 9th St.

    We'll provide all required tools, free lunch and a free plant for all volunteers. 


    • Ground preparation for upcoming planting season.
    • Ivy and holly removal from the trees along the trails.
    • Debris clean up.
    • Clean up of the community garden.
    • Spreading of bark chips in the play area.
    • Weeding and general landscaping.

    Gresham's day of service

    • Community gardens 2022
    • Volunteers plant landscaping during the 2019 Green and Clean event at Hartley Elementary School.
    • Gallery Green and Clean wheelbarrow kid at Hartley Elementary
    • Volunteers spread out to clean up Main City Park in 2018.
    • Teenagers haul a wheelbarrow full of debris during the Main City Park day of service in 2018.
    • A tiny tot uses a spade to dig at Highland Elementary School in 2017.
    • Volunteers for Green and Clean plant and weed at Nadaka Nature Park in 2016.
    • Crowds of volunteers tackle blackberries during clean up in 2016 for Green and Clean.

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    • Join us this year refreshing the City's community gardens for people to enjoy.

    • Helping hands give the Hartley Elementary School grounds a much-needed makeover.

    • Kids are encouraged to come have fun making a difference in a day. 

    • Nearly 200 community volunteers spread out to beautify Main City Park in 2018.

    • All together now at Main City Park, 2018.

    • Volunteers of all ages came together with staff from the City and Highland Elementary School. The work party planted and weeded, laid bark dust on the playground, and created new garden beds.

    • It was a busy and beautiful day planting, weeding and refreshing Nadaka Nature Park and Trail.

    • Invasive blackberries are no match for the Green and Clean volunteer crew of 2015.