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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

  • The City strives to deliver services to all residents in an equitable and accessible fashion, attract and retain a diverse workforce, and engage with the community in an inclusive and authentic manner.

    DEI Resolution and Statement

    Project information

    • Overview
    • Statement of Work and Deliverables
    • Milestones and Upcoming Events

    In December 2020, Dr. James Mason and the Organizational Cultural Competence Assessment and Training (OCCAT) team began a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting project to help the City lay a foundation for the creation of a long-term DEI program. Phase 1 of this work continues through June 2021 and includes:

    • Council policy direction and support around terms, concepts and priorities.
    • Interviews of key stakeholders to look at existing conditions and recommend ways to achieve more equitable and inclusive outcomes.
    • A proposed work plan for Phase II, including the next steps of applying the program. 
    Statement of Work and Deliverables

    In Phase I of the City’s DEI contract with OCCAT, the team will:

    • Establish citywide DEI principles and policy direction with the Mayor and Council, which may take the form of a statement or resolution.
    • Assess existing conditions. Create a report with recommendations detailing the ways in which a comprehensive DEI program could improve the organization’s ability to achieve more equitable and inclusive outcomes. 
    • Develop a proposed Phase II work plan, which will include elements of program design and implementation.

    View the full statement of work and deliverables from OCCAT’s contract.

    Milestones and Upcoming Events
    • On March 9, Dr. James Mason held the first in a series of workshops with the Gresham City Council.  The group discussed rationale for creating and managing a diverse and inclusive workforce and taking equity into account as it relates to service delivery. Watch the March 9 meeting.  
    • On April 13, Dr. Mason led a policy development discussion with Council to solicit their feedback and priorities for a DEI principles statement. Watch the April 13 meeting.
    • On May 11, Dr. Mason facilitated a Council subcommittee meeting to workshop a potential Council resolution. A recording of the meeting will be posted shortly.
    • On May 18 at 10:00 am, the City Council will discuss a DEI resolution and next steps for the project. Join the meeting here.
    • In June, Dr. Mason will return to Council to present OCCAT’s final report and recommendations. 
    • Building off of the Phase I recommendations, in Phase II and beyond, the City will design and implement a comprehensive DEI program with specific actions and goals.  
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