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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

  • The City commits to making sure community members have fair access to our jobs and services.

    Project information

    • Statement of Work and Deliverables
    • Project Background
    • Milestones and Upcoming Events
    Statement of Work and Deliverables

    The City will:

    • Adopt a DEI statement (complete); read it below.
    • Hire a DEI manager (complete). Welcome Denise Johnson!
    • Develop, recruit, hire and retain a DEI workforce.
    • Support community engagement.
    • Support staff and DEI workforce development.
    • Establish a DEI executive subcommittee.

    Read more about the City's DEI work in the 2022 Council Work Plan.

    View the full list of deliverables

    Project Background

    In summer 2021, Dr. James Mason and the Organizational Cultural Competence Assessment and Training (OCCAT) team finished a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting project to help the City of Gresham lay a foundation for a long-term DEI program.

    Building off of Dr. Mason's recommendations, the City is establishing a full DEI program with specific actions and goals.

    Milestones and Upcoming Events
    • In December 2020, the City hired Organizational Cultural Competence Assessment and Training (OCCAT) to begin Phase I of its DEI program. View the statement of work and deliverables in the OCCAT contract.
    • Between March-June 2021, Dr. James Mason held a series of workshops with the Gresham City Council. The group discussed rationale for creating and managing a diverse and inclusive workforce and taking equity into account as it relates to service delivery. Watch the June 15 meeting.
    • In August 2021, Dr. Mason submitted a DEI services program report, explaining how a full DEI program could improve the City's ability to achieve more equitable and inclusive outcomes. Dr. Mason proposed a Phase II work plan.
    • In September, the City began the process to hire a DEI manager. 
    • In fall 2021 and winter 2022, City leadership engaged in DEI training, with staff training to follow.
  • Contact us

    For more information, email DEI Manager Denise or call 503-618-2398.