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Council Work Plan

  • 2019 Council Work Plan

    The Gresham City Council/Gresham Redevelopment Commission Work Plan outlines projects our elected officials wish to undertake during the year on behalf of residents.

    These projects reflect Mayor and Council's imperative to build a vibrant community for children and families.

    • A Safe Community
    • Opportunity and Livability
    • Sustainable Services
    A Safe Community

    Gresham residents feel safe and connected.

    • Public safety health services
      • Mobile integrated health
      • Police mental health team
      • Research study: mental health services and implications for public safety
    • Public safety strategy
    • Community emergency preparedness
    • Neighborhood nuisance: landlord focus

    Internal projects

    • Emergency operations planning
    Opportunity and Livability

    People want to live and work in this dynamic community.

    • Children and families
    • Parks facilities, assets and opportunities
    • Homelessness
    • Arterial litter remediation
    • Housing opportunities
    • Future growth strategies
    • Economic development strategy
    • Commercial development fees and incentives
    • One Gresham: urban redevelopment
    • Pleasant Valley transportation system plan refinement
    • Neighborhood design, planning and scoping prioritization
    • Early neighborhood notification process review

    Internal projects

    • Pathways to Employment

    Operational decisions

    • Wireless communications facilities in the right-of-way
    • Community engagement and branding
    Sustainable Services

    The City seeks inventive and responsible solutions.

    • Finance models and opportunities
    • Legislative advocacy
    • Development code and process updates
    • Emerging local government technologies
    • Data and analytics demonstration project
    • Charter review
    • Transportation policy
    • Historic resources inventory

    Internal projects

    • Equity and inclusion initiative
    • Enterprise resource planning system implementation
    • Data and analytics

    Operational decisions

    • Environmental overlay
    • Water supply study
    • Metro food scrap policy
    • Urban forestry operations and education