Council Meetings

  • Meeting agendas and videos

    Meeting schedule

    • 1st Tuesday of month: Council Business Meeting, 6:00 pm, in Council Chambers
    • 2nd Tuesday of month: Policy Development Meeting, 3:00 pm, in the City Hall Conference Center
    • 3rd Tuesday of month: Council Business Meeting, 3:00 pm, in Council Chambers
    • 4th Tuesday of month: Council Roundtable, 3:00 pm, in City Hall Conference Room 3A
    • Business Council Meetings
    • Policy Development Meetings
    • Roundtable Meetings
    Business Council Meetings

    Business Council meetings allow necessary City business to be dealt with, such as:

    • Citizen recognition
    • Citizen Advisory Committee reports
    • Bid awards
    • Resolutions
    • Ordinances
    • Public hearings

    Business Council meetings are streamed live online. 

    Policy Development Meetings

    Policy Development meetings are informal sessions to:

    • Review programs
    • Receive progress reports on programs or projects
    • Receive other information from staff. 

    Council periodically holds policy development meetings with citizen advisory committees to discuss policy issues.

    Roundtable Meetings

    Council Roundtable meetings are informal sessions for Councilors to discuss issues of interest on a monthly basis. Councilors suggest their own agendas for these meetings, leaving enough time for open, informal dialogue. No public comment is taken during roundtable meetings. 

  • Addressing Council

    If you'd like to speak at a City Council meeting, review our speaking guidelines.

    • Public comment is allowed at all City Council business meetings and at Policy Development meetings if the comments relate to scheduled agenda items.
    • Public comment is not taken at Roundtable meetings or information sessions.

    More information 

    For questions about Council meetings or to receive meeting agendas, contact the City recorder’s office at 503-618-2697.