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Bike Projects

  • The City will complete two bicycle route projects in 2021 thanks to Metro grants.

    Project information

    • Rockwood Bike Route
    • Wy'East Way Signage
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    Rockwood Bike Route

    Project background

    The City will install a new bike route through the heart of downtown Rockwood. The route is designed on local streets with low traffic to encourage bicycling for residents and visitors.

    This new bike route is the first of the Bike Routes for Everyone planned in the City's 2017 Active Transportation Plan. 

    The bike route runs along SE 187th, SE 188th and NE 188th, from SE Yamhill Street to NE Hassalo Street. It connects neighborhoods to the Downtown Rockwood development, Hartley Elementary School and Kirk Park.

    Planned signs

    • New signs to identify the bike route.
    • Bike signs to identify nearby destinations.
    • Pavement markings called sharrows to remind drivers that bicycles are sharing the road.

    Rockwood Bike Route information and map

    Wy'East Way Signage

    The City will install signs along Wy'East Way, the 2-mile, 12-foot-wide multi-use path that runs along the MAX light rail line from Ruby Junction Station in Rockwood to Cleveland Station in downtown Gresham.

    The new signs will identify Wy’East Way and highlight local destinations people can visit without using a vehicle.

    Planned signs 

    • Wayfinding signs naming Wy’East Way with a map directing people to local destinations such as parks, schools and businesses.
    • Trail connector signs naming Wy’East Way at the end of neighborhood connector trails.
    • Bike signs along the on-street section of Wy’East Way near the Gresham Transit Center. 

    Read more about Wy'East Way.

    Wy'East Way map

    Wy'East Way Path Map


    Jay Higgins
    Associate Transportation Planner 

    • Bike routes for everyone concept, © NACTO
    • Gresham Bicycle Wayfinding Sign
    • Rock Creek Trail Sign

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