Doing Business with the City

Construction in GreshamThe City is always interested in securing responsible suppliers who can meet our purchasing needs economically, promptly, and in the quality and quantities needed.

Learn what the City Needs to Buy

Gresham is a full service city and needs many different products and services to serve our residents. Generally, the City procures:

  • Vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Office supplies, office machines, and furniture
  • Architectural, engineering, land surveying, and other consulting services
  • Training
  • Information technologies
  • Building maintenance services and supplies
  • Capital improvement construction

Track the City’s Purchasing Needs

The City publicizes major purchasing opportunities through newspaper advertisements and on various Web sites. Intermediate and minor purchases are procured through informal quote processes with established local firms.


Daily Journal of Commerce  

The Gresham Outlook  


DemandStar charges members a fee for an annual subscription. View current bids on DemandStar on DemandStar.

Copies of the complete bid documents can be requested from the Purchasing Office at 503-618-2376. Public Works project bid documents can be requested from the Department of Environmental Services at 503-618-2525.

Oregon Procurement Information Network  

The City is a member of the State’s Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program and occasionally advertises bids and RFPs on the State’s ORPIN system.

How to Sell Your Products to the City

Sales Calls and Contacts

The City’s purchasing office hours are from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is helpful if you make an appointment before visiting so we can spend enough time to learn about your business or products. Also consider visiting the City’s operations center to learn more about the City’s public works needs.

Potential Vendor List

Licensed firms engaged in lawful practice with a good business reputation  who are interested in providing goods and services to the City may submit a vendor information form describing their qualifications and related performance information to:

City of Gresham
Purchasing Office
1333 N.W. Eastman Parkway
Gresham, OR 97030

Submitting a vendor information form helps the City identify potential suppliers. Completion of the form is a resource for staff, but does not guarantee a supplier will be notified every time a request for quote or bid is solicited.

Annual Vendor Fair

The purchasing office periodically schedules opportunities for vendors interested in doing business with the City to meet prospective City clients. Contact Purchasing if you are interested in participating in the next vendor fair.

Tell Us About Yourself

To help Purchasing connect you with City staff that might be interested in your products bring us brochures, samples, and business cards to share.

Other Considerations

Typically when you do business with the City your business will need to obtain a City business license.

Consider joining the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce or other local business organizations.

The Gresham City Council supports TryLocalFirst and to this end encourages City staff to buy local when possible.