Winter Weather

  • For emergency shelter information call 211.


    • Flooding
    • Trees
    • Garbage and Recycling
    • Power Outages
    • Water Pipes

    Report flooding from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at 503-618-2626.

    After hours or on weekends, call 503-661-3906.

    Free sandbag station for residents

    During periods of heavy rain, Gresham residents may access the City's free sandbag station.

    • The sandbag station is located at the Operations Center, 2123 SE Hogan Road.
    • Sandbags are not available for commercial or contractor use.
    • The sandbag station is open 24 hours and provides bags, sand and shovels to Gresham residents for home or private use only. 
    • Citizens are responsible for the sandbags after use; public works crews do not dispose or retrieve them. 

    Watch "Using the sandbag station"


    If you see a tree that is damaged or fallen:

    • Call 911 if the tree is blocking a road. City crews will clear the roadway.
    • Do not drive under downed trees or remove barricades if a road is closed. 
    • Property owners are responsible for street trees behind the curb. Please clear the sidewalk adjacent to your property and remove all debris. 
    • Does your street tree need to be replaced? See our street tree guidelines.
    Garbage and Recycling

    In hazardous weather, haulers may not be able to provide collection and services may be delayed.  For more information,   contact your hauler.

    During severe weather, collection will be prioritized as follows:

    1. Garbage
    2. Recycling
    3. Yard debris

    Additional information 

    • When delays occur, haulers will attempt to pick up before customers' next scheduled collection day.
    • When service is delayed, twice the amount of the current subscribed service level will be collected on the next regularly scheduled collection day at no additional charge.
    • During inclement weather, leave roll carts at the curb to ensure carts will be emptied when roads are clear enough for haulers.
    • No credits or refunds will be issued for missed collections due to inclement weather.


    Find your hauler, and sign up for alerts and information about weather-related delays.

    Gresham-area garbage haulers

    Power Outages

    For information about power outages visit the Portland General Electric website or call 503-464-7777.

    Water Pipes

    To report a water main break or a hydrant leak, call 503-618-2626 during business hours.

    Evenings or weekends, call 503-661-3906 and an on-call superintendent will dispatch staff as needed.

    Preventing and thawing frozen pipes

    Winter preparation for water pipes

  • Transportation

    Stay home when conditions are too dangerous to travel safely. If you must travel check road conditions at

    • Deicing
    • Road Operations
    • Public Transportation

    Deicing tips

    • Be prepared: purchase sand/gravel and deicer from your local hardware store.
    • Apply deicer to walkways before the snow/ice event to keep ice from forming.
    • Products made with calcium chloride, potassium chloride or magnesium chloride are safer for pets, soil and plants, and our local streams.
    • Avoid using rock or table salt – it is toxic to soil, plants and streams.
    • Use a shovel, sand and gravel to reduce slip hazards instead of chemicals whenever possible.
    • After the event, sweep up excess sand/gravel and deicing pellets and put in your trash. 
    • Keep your car windows deiced by covering before the event with a tarp or sheet, or apply a vinegar and water solution in a 3:1 ratio, respectively.   
    Road Operations

    Gresham crews anti-ice, de-ice, plow or sand streets – or a combination of techniques – depending on conditions. The City’s winter response route consists of three categories:

    • Priority 1: hospital and emergency routes, arterial streets, and bridges
    • Priority 2: through and collector streets and steep grades
    • Priority 3: residential streets, cul-de-sacs, and dead ends

    Use the City’s interactive plow map to see if your street is a primary, secondary or neighborhood street. If inclement weather persists, crews may focus on the Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets until weather improves. Depending on the severity of the weather event, the City may not be able to anti-ice, sand or plow residential streets, cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

  • Stay informed