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Recycling Programs

  • Eat Smart Waste Less - Food Waste Prevention

    The Eat Smart Waste Less Challenge is an opportunity to reduce food waste at home. Learn how you can waste less food and save money.

    Take the Eat Smart Waste Less challenge.

    Prescription Drug Disposal

    Proper recycling and disposal of medications, needles and personal care products:

    • Protects the environment
    • Minimizes drug abuse
    • Protects those handling garbage

    Dispose of medical waste or needles 

    Resources for disposing medical waste, needles, and household personal care items:

    Recycling at Events

    Recycling containers available

    The City loans out ClearStream recycling containers for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans at events in Gresham (available on a first-come, first-serve basis). These containers come with a clear bag so your staff and volunteers can easily see the contents when bags are full and assure they are being used properly.

    We can also assist in container set-up and locating recycling drop-off centers.

    For questions or additional information, contact the Recycling and Solid Waste Division at 503-618-2525 or

    Tips for recycling at events

    • Place recycling, composting and trash receptacles together.
    • Recycling stations should be highly visible (e.g., a flag on a tall pole, balloons, signs, etc.) and in convenient locations.
    • Limit the number of recycling/waste stations to allow for easy monitoring. Place larger stations in areas where high volumes of waste will be generated.
    • Staff all recycling stations at all times. If this is not possible, assign someone to check each area periodically.
    • Communicate with event vendors prior to the event about using recyclable and reusable products.

    Recycling at events guide

    Repair Cafe

    Get your broken items repaired for free instead of sending items to the dump.

    The City and Coalition of Gresham Neighborhood Associations sponsor a Gresham Repair Café three times a year, bringing people with repair skills together to help neighbors fix their broken items. 

        Types of items repaired 

        • Broken bicycles, chains and tires
        • Torn clothing, missing buttons and other fabric repairs
        • Broken lamps, fans, clocks, vacuums, small kitchen appliances 
        • Broken laptops, VCRs, DVD or CD players, radios, printers, calculators, Gameboys and remote controls

        Please note: Televisions, microwaves, small engines and sewing machines are not repairable at this event.

        What to expect

        • Try to bring anything that may be needed to repair your item; Parts, buttons, matching thread, power cords, batteries, connecting cables, remote controls, instructions manuals, etc.
        • We try to help everyone who brings an item. If participants bring multiple items (allowed), we can only work on one item at a time and may not be able to fix more than one item per person. 
        • Our volunteer fixers will do their best to repair your item, but some repairs may be too complicated or require resources that aren't available at the event.
        • The event is free. There may be a wait depending on the number of repairs. 

        More information

        Gresham Repair Cafe website

        For more information contact us at or 503-618-2525.