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Public Works Projects

  • Public works projects safely preserve existing infrastructure, increase roadway capacity, improve mobility and enhance neighborhood livability. 

    Construction projects 

  • Grant Butte Reservoir and Pipeline Project

    The City has secured federal funding to seismically retrofit the Grant Butte Reservoir. 

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    NE Liberty Ave. Pipe Replacement

    Project description

    Crews are replacing aged underground water pipes. 


    • Late August – Early October
    • Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
    • Some Saturday work is possible

    What to expect

    • Prior to construction, street signs and notifications will be posted.
    • Local access will be provided.
    • Work may impact driveway access.
    • Partial street closures possible.
    • On-street parking will be limited.
    • Construction equipment, noise, vibration and dust. 


    Beam Excavating 


    Department of Environmental Services, 503-618-2525

    SE Palmquist Road Improvements

    Project description

    The City is preparing for roadway and Burlingame Creek culvert improvements at SE Palmquist Road and U.S Highway 26 (Hogan Cedars Neighborhood).  Work will include:

    • Widening the road
    • Sidewalk improvements for pedestrians
    • Bike lane improvements
    • Burlingame Creek culvert replacement


    • Design and permitting: 2019
    • Construction: Summer of 2020

    What to expect

    • Notification will be mailed to nearby residents
    • Street signs will be posted
    • Construction equipment and delays
    • Lane and street closures
    • Temporary detours


    Department of Environmental Services, 503-618-2525 

    Sandy Boulevard Project

    Project description

    Sandy Boulevard connects Portland, Gresham and Fairview. The project improvements along Sandy Boulevard will increase safety and access for all users in this regionally significant industrial area by constructing a complete corridor.

    The project will create better entry to commercial sites in this east Portland metro region and improve access to 19 acres of vacant, state-certified industrial land. 

    Project background

    Work will include:

    • Modernized traffic signal at 181st Avenue and Sandy Boulevard
    • Add a second westbound left-turn lane, from Sandy Boulevard to 181st Avenue, to increase safety
    • New curb and sidewalk ramps
    • New 12-foot wide multi-use path on the north side of Sandy Boulevard, between 185th Drive and 201st Ave., connecting to the Gresham Fairview Trail
    • New 12-foot wide multi-use path on the south side of Sandy Boulevard, between 18st Avenue and the Boeing entrance
    • New bike lanes
    • Environmental upgrades to the street’s stormwater system.

    Project status

    • Design and planning take place in 2018 
    • Construction is planned for 2019


    David Daly

    Street Reconstruction Project

    This spring, the City will launch a five year street reconstruction project.  This is the largest investment in our streets in Gresham’s history.

    • The project will fix the most deteriorated streets in the city. 
    • 25% of residential streets will be reconstructed over the next five years.  
    • 149 lane miles will be rebuilt.

     Find out more about this project

    Sidewalk Improvements

    Project overview 

    Over the next 5 years the City will be upgrading sidewalk ramps at intersections throughout Gresham. The City is installing sloped curb ramps to provide improved safety at pedestrian crossings. The new ramps will allow people with disabilities to safely travel from the sidewalk to the street.

    What to expect during construction 

    During all construction activity, there will be delays and on-street parking will be impacted. The City strives to limit disruptions as much as possible.   

    • Sidewalk closed
    • Bike lane closed
    • Construction equipment parked in your neighborhood
    • Partial road closure—flaggers may be directing traffic
    • Reduced on-street parking
    • Noise and dust
    • Work hours may vary, but generally will occur 7:00am - 6:00pm.
    • City concrete crews are completing the work


    Department of Environmental Services, 503-618-2525