Plate to Power

  • Food waste stops with me

    We help  businesses, restaurants, schools and grocery stores reduce food waste by working with donation agencies and turning food scraps into renewable energy. 


    • Reduce garbage collection bills.
    • Extend the life of landfills.
    • Create energy (biogas) with food waste.
    • Make food waste reusable; turn food scraps into nutrient-rich soil.

    How it works 

    • City staff help schools and businesses set up programs.
    • Free internal collection containers, signs and training provided.
    • Order a compost bin from your garbage hauler. *See rates below.
    • Each week food scraps are hauled at a cost lower than traditional hauler rates.
    • The food waste is broken down into biogas, creating electricity.
    • The byproduct of biogas production is compost, used by regional farmers.


    Contact us

    Plate to Power staff are available to explain the program and evaluate the potential operational and financial impacts at your school or business. Call Gregg Hayward at 503-618-2206.

    Plate to Power compost rates 

    Rates for commercial food scrap recycling service

    • Many businesses find the reduction of garbage results in monthly bill savings.
    • This service is available once per week and your hauler will provide the container. 
    • Participating schools and businesses
    Participating schools and businesses
    • Abby’s Legendary Pizza
    • Ambleside Meals on Wheels
    • American Honda
    • Barlow High School
    • Black Bear Diner
    • Boyd's Coffee
    • Burgerville
    • Butler Creek Elementary
    • Café Delirium
    • Centennial Park School
    • Chang’s Mongolian Grill
    • Chipotle
    • City of Gresham Operations
    • Dexter McCarty Middle School 
    • Early Childhood Center (MHCC)
    • East Gresham Elementary
    • East Orient Elementary
    • El Brasero, Inc.
    • Elmer’s
    • Fred Meyer- Gresham
    • Gordon Russell Middle School
    • Gresham Farmers Market
    • Gresham High School
    • Grocery Outlet
    • Hall Elementary
    • Happy Hour
    • Highland Elementary
    • Hogan Cedars Elementary
    • Hollydale Elementary
    • Hoppy Brewer
    • Kelly Creek Elementary
    • La Carreta
    • Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center
    • McMenamin’s Highland Pub
    • Meadows Elementary 
    • Mojave Grill and Cantina
    • Mt. Hood Lanes
    • North Gresham Elementary
    • Oregon Flea Market
    • Panda Express
    • Panera Bread
    • Powell Valley Elementary
    • Rockwood Library
    • Springwater Trail High School
    • Starbucks Gresham Station 
    • Sushiville
    • Taqueria Rico-Taco
    • U.S. Bank
    • Uly’s Taco Shack
    • Walmart East Gresham
    • Walmart West Gresham
    • West Gresham Elementary School 
    • West Orient Middle School


  • Donation is best, compost the rest 

    • Combine recycling, Plate to Power and food donation to save the most money on your garbage service. 
    • Local food pantries will pick up your food and provide containers.
    • Donating food helps prevent waste, provides much-needed assistance to food insecure households, and may be tax deductible.