Watershed Residential Programs

  • What you can do to help keep Gresham streams healthy now and in the future.

    Watershed management at home 

  • Build a rain garden

    A rain garden is landscaping that absorbs water from your roof or driveway. It's a shallow depression in a yard that collects rainwater and sports a variety of flowers, shrubs and grasses.

    Read more about rain gardens in Gresham

    Downspout disconnection

    The City offers downspout disconnection assistance during the summer. Disconnecting your downspouts can prevent rainwater run-off from entering our local streams. 

    Read more about downspout disconnection assistance

    Car wash kit and tips

    The City’s free, fish-friendly car wash kit is available for your next fundraiser.

    At home, washing the car in the driveway sends dirty soap and pollutants directly to stormdrains and on to local waterways. We recommend washing the car over a lawn or at a commercial car wash.

    Read more about the car wash kit and tips.

    Lawn care tips

    We encourage homeowners and businesses to keep a pesticide-free lawn and garden.

    It’s easy and helps keep harmful products away from people, pets and our streams.

    Weed and feed pledge

    Take the weed and feed pledge

    Receive a Pesticide-Fee Zone sign for your yard. Thank you for helping us reach our 'Skip the Weed and Feed' goal.

    Weed and feed is a chemical found in many lawn and garden products. It’s toxic to fish and can be dangerous to children and pets. We have the power to improve public health and our environment by choosing lawn and garden products without weed and feed.

    Eco-friendly landscapers

    Pet waste management

    Pet waste carries pathogens such as Giardia, E. Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. These bugs cause illness in people, especially children and the elderly.

    Gresham's local streams are known to carry harmful levels of bacteria.

    You can help by always picking up after your pet when on walks and avoiding children's play areas. 

    Local scouts or civic groups have volunteered to build and install dog boxes in Gresham. Look for a bag in our dog boxes when you need one and help out by bringing extra bags to leave for others.

    Take the pet waste pledge.