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Green Business Program

  • The Gresham Green Business program helps businesses conserve natural resources, protect the local environment and help the bottom line.
  • Green Business network 

    Join us for networking events to share ideas to bolster our green community.

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      • Lucy de Leon from Tortilleria y Tienda de Leon’s
      • Monica Weitzel from MetroEast Community Media
      • Delta AV
      • Moda Center
      • Coffee Hour

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    • Join the Green Business Program 

      Receive free on-site sustainability assistance and ongoing support.

      • Email
      • We’ll visit your business and provide recommendations that can save money and natural resources. 
      • After completing your green upgrades, you may be a certified Gresham Green Business.
      • Receive a Gresham Green Business award and join a large network of Green businesses. 

    • Benefits and criteria

      We look for ways to help you conserve, save money and become a Green Business. We tailor business strategies in the following areas:

      • Recycling, waste reduction, and composting
      • Water conservation and wastewater management
      • Energy conservation
      • Pollution reduction to local streams and rivers (stormdrain resources)
      • Alternative transportation options
      • Food donation
      • Waste-free events
      • Community involvement