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Food Carts

  • The City recently reviewed and refreshed its Food Cart review process and standards.

    The new standards went into effect January 5.

    There were three phases of this update:

    • Revisiting system development charges and review protocols (completed)
    • Refreshing the regulations (completed)
    • Updating communication, application materials, outreach and business assistance (coming soon)

    Project information

    • Adopted code
    • Project meetings
    • Contact
    Adopted code

    For more information about this project, contact or

  • Applying for a permit

    Food carts can be trailers or trucks that provide food or drinks directly to customers.. 

    Food carts on a site for four or more hours must have the required permits, meet all City standards, and be approved through the appropriate review process. 

    Food carts also need to meet Fire department standards and get a food cart fire permit application.

    Click on the tabs below to see what documents you'll need to submit to receive your food cart planning approval.

  • Type I (Up to two carts or trucks on a developed site, additions of covered seating areas, and adding paved area to sites)

    Reviewed by City of Gresham:

    • Online application
    • Property owner authorization
    • Site plan showing:
      • Where do you want to put the cart
      • Where do you want to put any shelter/eating area
      • Where will the garbage and recycling be
      • Any drive through window
    • Fee of $550

    Reviewed by Multnomah County:

    Once you've received Type I approval, you will need:


    Type II (Food cart pods, adding enough carts to create a pod, or adding new driveways)

    We advise applicants have a pre-application conference for these applications.

    Reviewed by the City of Gresham:

    • Online application
    • Scaled site plan
      • Location of all carts existing or proposed
      • Location of all structures existing or proposed
      • Location of all driveways existing or proposed
      • Proposed site circulation plan
      • Location of all utilities (water, sewer, storm, gas, electricity) existing or proposed
      • Location of all existing or proposed solid waste & recycling containers
      • Location of all existing or proposed pedestrian paths
      • Location of any/all fences, children's play areas, stages, screen walls, bike parking, or seating
    • Covered outdoor seating plan
      • Size
      • Design
      • Materials
    • For pods, the site plan should also show site layout including all proposed carts
    • For pods, a POD Responsible Party must be identified
    • For new access, the site plan should also show:
      • Any proposed/required right of way dedication
      • Any proposed frontage improvements (curb, sidewalk, street trees, ADA improvements, driveway apron, etc.)
      • Any required stormwater treatment/detention
    • For new access, the site plan should also show the location of all driveways and drive aisles on neighboring properties.
    • Fee of $1,300

    Reviewed by Multnomah County:

    Once you've received Type II approval, you will need:

    Replacement carts and carts in pods

    Reviewed by City of Gresham:

    Reviewed by Multnomah County:

  • After initial approval, the following permits may also be needed:

    • Building permits may be needed for:
      • Structures (covered eating areas, storage sheds, etc.)
      • Utilities (temporary connections to municipal and electrical services)
    • State permits such as:
      • Insignia from the prefabricated structures section of the Oregon Building Codes division
      • DMV vehicle registration for trailers


    Cart operators wishing to connect to municipal and electrical services will need to acquire permits and establish temporary (such as RV-style) connections so the units can remain mobile.

    Contact Permit Services for more information about appropriate permits at 503-618-2845.

    More information about utilities for food carts


    This page provides a summary of rules for operating a food and beverage cart in Gresham. To learn the specific rules and requirements for your site, contact the City's Planner on Duty at or 503-618-2780.