Emergency Management

  • Get Ready Gresham

    A family event on Saturday, Sept. 17.

    • Free lunch.
    • Free Emergency Tubes from the Red Cross, first 100 families.
    • Free safety items.
    • Free advice from local emergency groups.

    If a natural disaster hits our area, we want you and your family to be prepared.

    Event calendar details 

    • Sign Up for Public Alerts

      Public Alerts provide important information in the event of a crisis or emergency, including natural disasters. Sign up today.

    • Emergency Preparedness

      Whether faced with a family emergency or a regional disaster, the effort you put into emergency preparedness will play a large role in how well you and your family survive the event.

    • Get Involved

      The City offers many ways to volunteer to help keep your community safe and prepared for emergencies or disaster.

  • Monthly preparedness topic

    August topic: fire safety

    The potential for wildfires is higher during periods of little rainfall, which makes brush, grass and trees dry and causes them to burn more easily. Whether or not a home survives a wildfire depends on materials used to build the home and fuel characteristics surrounding the home. Homeowners can take a number of steps to increase their readiness if a wildfire breaks out. 

    Read more about preparedness for wildfires.