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Community Resources

  • Block Parties

    Learn how to host a block party in your yard, a neighbor's yard or in a City park.

    We have tips on organizing a block party event, including how to close down your neighborhood street.

    Read more about holding a block party in Gresham.

    Code Compliance

    Report a code violation

    Report through My Gresham or call 503-618-2248.

    • Our Livability Team assists property owners in resolving general nuisance issues in Gresham. These include: abandoned vehicles, parking, junk and garbage, graffiti, overgrown vegetation, connecting homeless in need to services, and RV parking permits.
    • Our Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET) solves the toughest chronic issues, including abandoned/zombie properties, homeless camps, marijuana issues, and occupied RVs.

    Read more about Code Compliance.

    Community Enhancement Grants

    The  Community Enhancement Advisory Committee allocates grants for projects that improve the quality of life for the Gresham community.

    Grants are available to:

    • Nonprofit and charitable organizations
    • Neighborhood associations
    • Schools and institutions of higher learning
    • Faith-based groups
    • Local government advisory committees, departments and special districts

    Read more about Community Enhancement Grants.

    Fences and Property Lines

    The City's Planner on Duty can:

    • Assist with zoning inquiries.
    • Tell you what uses are allowed.
    • Answer questions about land use procedures and other questions related to the City’s Development Code.

    Call 503-618-2780 or

    The City does not provide survey services for private property owners.

    For assistance with property surveying you need to contact a private survey company. 

    Read more about fences and property lines

    Graffiti Removal

    It is the property owner's responsibility to remove graffiti.

    Report graffiti

    If your property was tagged with graffiti, you should file a police report:

    • Call 503-823-3333
    File a police report online 

    Use My Gresham to report graffiti on someone else's property, including public property.

    Graffiti removal kits

    Free graffiti removal kits are available through the Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement at City Hall. Each Kit contains small bottles of graffiti removal solution, gloves, goggles, a mask and a scrub pad.

    Call 503-618-2482 for more information.

    Read more about graffiti removal.

    Keeping Chickens

    If you're thinking about raising backyard chickens in Gresham, know these rules before getting started.

    Gresham Revised Code Article 7.17 outlines the rules and regulations:

    • You must obtain a permit from the City before keeping chickens. 
    • No roosters are allowed.
    • Up to three adult hens may be kept on residential property with a single family dwelling.
    • Chickens must be kept in a coop from 10:00 pm - 7:00 am.
    • The coop must be kept at least 25 feet from any neighboring dwelling and 10 feet from the property line.
    • The coop must have at least 2 feet of floor space per adult chicken.
    • The coop and run may only be located in the rear yard.
    • The run must be kept at least 10 feet from the property line.
    • The chickens, coop and run must be maintained to not violate the City’s nuisance code relating to noise, odor, damage or threats to public safety.
    • Some homeowners associations don’t allow chickens. Consult yours. 

    Read more about keeping chickens in Gresham.

    Neighborhood Associations

    Getting involved with your Neighborhood Association is a great way to connect with neighbors and stay up to date on projects and improvements happening within your neighborhood. 

    Find your neighborhood

    More about Neighborhood Associations

    Neighborhood Ready

    The City's crime prevention and disaster preparedness program for neighborhoods.  

    Start a Neighborhood Ready group.

    Prescription Drug and Medical Waste Disposal

    Learn how to safely dispose of prescription drugs, sharp containers and other medical waste.

    Prescription drug disposal information

    Severe Weather

    Visit our severe weather page for weather-related information, including road conditions and utilities.

    Severe weather information

    Social Services

    Learn more about social services available in Gresham and beyond.


    Trees in Gresham are regulated differently depending on their location, purpose, size, and type. The City regulates the cutting of trees by making sure too many aren’t cut down at once, trees are replaced to maintain or add to our tree inventory, and damaged or overgrown trees don’t become a hazard to you and your neighbors.

    Read more about trees in Gresham.