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Commercial Building Projects

  • Commercial permit applications

    Commercial building permit steps

    Step one: project submittal

    • Submit project through online permit system.
    • Project assigned to Plans Examiner.
    • Submittal conference may be requested by City staff.
    • Plan review fees collected in advance of plan review process.

    Step two: plan review

    • Departments, divisions or sections review plans.
    • System development charges, electrical, plumbing and mechanical fees calculated.
    • Inspector or examiner speaks with applicant and other plan reviewers for public facilities such as streets, water, sewer, storm, parks and fire.
    • Additional information may be requested.

    Step three:  construction, final inspection, certificate of occupancy

    • When applications and plans are ready to issue, one final approved set of plans is returned to applicant to keep on the job site.
    • Inspections conducted through all phases of construction work.
    • Before occupancy is granted, final inspections must be completed.
    • After final approval, occupancy is granted and a certificate of occupancy is issued.

    Commercial building permit timeline

    • Plan review and first comments for new construction or additions: 21 days
    • Plan review and first comments for tenant improvements and remodels: 14 days
    • Plan review and first comments for signs, renewable energy, miscellaneous: 7 days
    • Re-reviews: 7 days

    Actual time may vary based on requirements such as traffic studies, fire-supply or fire-access issues, etc.

    Contact us at 503-618-2845 if you have specific questions about the timing for your project.