Powell Valley

Powell Valley Neighborhood is bounded on the north by Division Street, on the east by the City limits, on the south by Powell Boulevard and on the west by Burnside.

Our Neighborhood

The PVNA is an organization sanctioned by the City of Gresham, but made up entirely of residents of our part of east Gresham.  Our neighborhood includes a wide variety of residents from high-occupancy apartment dwellers along Kane Rd. to hobby farmers along Williams Rd.

We are passionate about keeping our neighborhood clean and safe.  We're involved in Neighborhood Watch, graffiti removal, and organizing the creation of a new park.

The Powell Valley Neighborhood is a great way for neighbors to learn and get involved in the future of their part of Gresham!

 About Us

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Upcoming Meeting:

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Jeff Muceus, President

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Vice President

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Steve Solcz, Treasurer

Jef Kaiser, Land Use Chair