Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is the primary advising body to the City Council on long-range, comprehensive planning and land use issues within the city. It also:

  • Acts as stewards of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Recommends amendments and new policies related to land use
  • Helps ensure the City meets all state and regional land use goals
  • Balances community values such as enhanced livability, economic development and environmental protection

The Committee meets every second and fourth Mondays of the month beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The Planning Commission has four subcommittees:

Join the Planning Commission

The City is currently accepting Planning Commission applications. Please contact Teresa Hall, Council Coordinator, at 503-618-2871 or for volunteer applications.

Council Liaisons

Councilor Mario Palmero: 

Councilor Kirk French, Alternate: 

Staff Contact

For meeting location information, questions or meeting materials, please contact Tammy Richardson at 503-618-2401 or

Meeting Date Agenda Agenda Attachments Minutes Media File
5/23/2016 Agenda DCIP-8 Draft Code Memo
DCIP-8 Draft Code
4/11/2016 Agenda CIP Staff Report
PMA Staff Report
3/28/2016 Agenda Civic Neighborhood Vision and Design District Update - Memo
Civic Neighborhood Vision and Design District Update - Issues and Opportunities Summary
3/14/2016 Agenda Minutes
1/25/2016 Agenda Minutes
1/11/2016 Agenda DCIP-8 Memo
DCIP-8 Preferred Approach
DCIP-8 Public Participation Summary
11/23/2015 Agenda Staff Report - Transportation Code Updates
Proposed Development Code Amendments
10/26/2015 Agenda Transportation - Development Code Update Memo
Transportation - Draft Development Code Updates

10/12/2015 Agenda DCIP-8 Memo
DCIP-8 Alternatives Report
8/24/2015 Agenda Centers and Corridors - Staff Report
Centers and Corridors - Proposed Amendments
8/10/2015 Agenda Remove Obstacles - Draft Code Memo
Remove Obstacles - Attachment A Draft Code
Remove Obstacles - Attachment B Code Summary
Remove Obstacles - Attachment C Preferred Approach
Transportation - Development Code Update Memo
Transportation - Attachment A Final Code Matrix
4/13/2015 Agenda Capital Improvement Program - Staff Report
Gresham Butte Scenic View - Staff Report
Gresham Butte Scenic View - Proposed Code Amendments