Public Information Requests

In accordance with Oregon State Law, City of Gresham records are available for inspection and/or copying by the public unless exempted from disclosure by state statute.

How to Obtain Records

Please contact the appropriate staff from the list below to process your request.

Request Form                   

Fee Schedule 

Record Type Staff Phone
Building permit or inspection records Sean Blaire 503-618-2794
Code enforcement and rental housing records Wendy Church 503-618-2779
Development applications or planning records Tammy Richardson 503-618-2401
Development engineering records Ken Koblitz 503-618-2628
Economic development records Shannon Stadey 503-618-2854
Environmental services: transportation, wastewater, water, stormwater or parks records Rebecca Brooks 503-618-2792
Financial records Kristine Leibrand 503-618-2445
Fire and emergency services records Randi Deverell 503-618-2853
Information technology records Pat Hartley 503-618-2520
Mayor and Council records Teresa Hall 503-618-2871
Police reports and accident records Michelle Perman 503-618-2318
Police records (other than police reports) Rebecca Danner 503-618-2313
Personnel/employee records Amber Autry 503-618-2882
Rockwood/urban renewal records Cecille Turley 503-618-2545
Other City records Susanjoy Baskoro 503-618-2697

Members of the media can make a public records request by sending a written request directly to Communications Manager