New Construction

Deputy Fire Marshals, who are experienced and certified in plan review and inspection, conduct reviews and inspections for new construction and existing projects. These reviews and inspections are done as part of the city’s planning and development processes.

Design Review

Design reviews are performed prior to plan submittal for building permits as design submittals and are usually conceptual projects. Zoning, planning, building and fire issues are probed during this review. Due to the type of construction, size of structure, occupancy type, and special applications that are proposed, sprinkler and/or alarm systems may be recommended or required.

Design review focuses on:

  • Fire department access
  • Water supplies for fire hydrants
  • Location of hydrants

Plan Review

Once an applicant has met the requirements of the design review, a formal plan is submitted for the project with the anticipation of receiving permits for construction. Fire’s review of these plans ensures that access and water supplies meet the requirements spelled out in design review.

Structures and systems are examined for all fire and life safety issues presented in the Oregon Fire Code and supported standards. Special system review and any high pile or hazardous materials storage use is also examined.

Commercial New Construction Checklist 

Commercial Tenant Improvement-Remodel Checklist 


Once a structure is complete an inspection of all fire-related issues is conducted to ensure compliance with the reviewed plans and requirements.

Sprinkler systems are inspected prior to covering to ensure the installation meets the requirements of applicable National Fire Protection Association Codes. Alarms and all other systems are also inspected to ensure they function properly.

Once all requirements meet requirements have been met and the permit has been approved by the appropriate fire and city departments the building may be occupied.

Documents and Forms

We have compiled a list of documents and forms related to new construction to assist you in preparing for inspections and meeting all fire safety requirements.