Resident Resources and Tips 

Utility Information 

downspout disconnection at homeBilling 

Managing Stormwater on Your Property 

Residential Stormwater Fee Discount Application:

Report Water Quality Concerns

  • Report a spill 
  • Report illegal dumping (tires, furniture, trash in waterways etc.) to Code Compliance at 503-618-2463 or submit a report online
  • If you observe anyone removing or tampering with manhole covers or catchbasin grates, who is not working from a City vehicle or a clearly-marked contractor vehicle, please note the license plate of any involved vehicle and report the activity to the Gresham Police at 503-618-2719. These crimes cost City residents through thousands of dollars in replacement costs and can also create dangerous safety conditions for vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.
  • Report an erosion concern to 503-618-2474.

Programs and Tips That Make a DifferenceCar Wash

Backyard Habitat Certification Program 

Car Washing 

Educational Puppet DVD for Youth 

Healthy Streams Program 

  • Downspout Disconnection
  • Lawn Care
  • Native Plants
  • Rain Gardens

Natural Resources Program 

Pet Waste Management 

Pool and Hot Tub Draining 

Privately Owned Stormwater Facilities 

RV Waste Management 



Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers and Streams 

Gresham is one of eight public agencies locally dedicated to helping people make changes at home so we don't pollute the health of our rivers and streams.

Find your watershed

Gresham receives over 3.5 feet of precipitation each year with the majority of this rain occurring during the six winter months (October to March). The precipitation falls and the runoff from the rain must be accommodated. Gresham has four main watersheds, or drainage basins: Kelly Creek, Johnson Creek, Fairview Creek and the West Gresham Basin.


For more information contact Keri Handaly at 503-618-2657 or