Street Services

Street RepairStreet Sweeping
Transportation Operations staff maintain streets constructed to City standards. Patching, sealing or pothole repair are types of maintenance provided depending on the problem. To report street repairs call the Operations Center at 503-618-2626 or submit a pothole report through My Gresham. The annual street maintenance program is dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating city streets.

Street Signs
Transportation Operations maintains 10,500 signs including replacing missing, damaged or blocked traffic signs. To report street sign issues call Operations at 503-618-2626. 

Street Lights 

Transportation Operations maintains more than 7,500 street lights. To report outages and malfunctioning lights or to request repairs, submit a street light request through My Gresham. To report safety hazards like downed poles or exposed wires call the operations center at 503-618-2626 during business hours and the non-emergency police line at 503-823-3333 after hours. We are currently converting traditional street lighting to LED lamps.

Traffic Signals
For repair of traffic signals call Environmental Services during business hours at 503-618-2626; after hours call 503-661-3906.

Street Sweeping

Transportation Operations sweeps all Gresham streets nine times per year. Street Sweeping Schedule 

Street Speed Safety

A group of neighborhood residents is trained by the City’s Transportation Division to use a special radar device that tracks speeders. Neighborhood Speedwatch Program 

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

Speed bumps and medians are methods to manage neighborhood traffic problems. Residents must submit a petition to the City outlining the traffic problems. More information about traffic calming.

Street Closure or Block Party Permission

A permit is needed to close a street for a block party (download a street closure application); contact for more information. For a permit to hang banners contact

Tree Trimming

Property owners are responsible for following the City’s tree trimming regulations. Overgrown trees and shrubs can cause problems and safety concerns, such as blocking stop signs, if they are not properly maintained. Tree Trimming Guidelines 

Private Sidewalks, Driveways and Curbs

Property owners are responsible for the installation and repair of their sidewalks or driveways. For assistance deciding how to repair a sidewalk or driveway, call 503-618-2626 and Transportation can make suggestions. City Sidewalk Code 

New Street Development

Transportation reviews all new development for traffic related concerns, and issues permits for uses in the public right-of-way for curb and driveway construction and installation of utilities. Call 503-618-2424 for information.

Parking Control

To report an abandoned vehicle call Code Compliance at 503-618-2463. For help with general parking control problems in the downtown and commercial areas, call the Gresham Police Department’s non-emergency hotline, 503-823-3333.

Traffic Data

Average Daily Traffic Count Map For more information contact or