Wilkes East Neighborhood Association

  • Meetings

    The Wilkes East Neighborhood Association meets the second Mondays of March, August and November at 7 pm at Albertina Kerr Campus, 722 NE 162nd Ave.

    Board meetings are held monthly, every second Monday, at 6:30 pm at Simmons' Foster Care, 17104 NE Oregon St.

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    • Boundary
    • Agendas, bylaws and minutes
    • Board members

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    The boundary of the Wilkes East Neighborhood is as follows: NE Glisan from NE 162nd to NE 181st; NE 181st from NE Glisan to NE Sandy, continuing north to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Union Pacific Railroad tracks directly north of NE 181st west to the Gresham city limits. Gresham city limits from Union Pacific Railroad tracks south to I-84 (north side). I-84 north side from Gresham city limits to NE 162nd; NE 162nd from NE Sandy to NE Glisan. 

    Agendas, bylaws and minutes

    Wilkes East Neighborhood Association bylaws

    There are no meeting agendas or minutes for this Neighborhood Association.

    Board members

    Kris Freiermuth, President

    Vacant, Vice President

    Vacant, Secretary

    Billy Simmons, Treasurer

    Kris Freiermuth, Land Use Chair

    Curt Duval, Land Use Co-Chair

    Bob Lundbom, Communication and Web-Master Chair

    Juanita Null, Member-at-Large