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Water Utility Rates

  • The water portion of your utility bill has three charges:

    • Water consumption charge (water use)
    • Water service charge
    • Fire flow charge
     2022 Rates 2023 Rates 
    Average monthly utility charge for water service $46.46  $50.81
    This includes a water base charge $28.04  $30.65

    Water consumption charge
    (multiplied by the average use of six units per month)

     $3.07/unit = $18.42  $3.36/unit = $20.16

    Utility bills are mailed every other month and reflect service charges for two months.

    Water consumption charge

    Water use is measured in units. One unit is 748 gallons of water, equivalent to 100 cubic feet (ccf).

    • The water consumption charged is based entirely on the amount of water used during the two-month billing period.
    • Each customer can reduce this portion of their water bill by conserving and using less water.

    Cost per unit, single family and dedicated irrigation

     2022 Rates 2023 Rates 
    0-34 units $3.07  $3.36
    35-54 units $3.71  $4.06
    More than 54 units $4.63  $5.06

    Water service charge

    The water service charge is based on the water meter size. Most residential customers have a 5/8-inch meter, which costs $21.57 per month. Effective Jan. 1, 2023 this cost increased to $23.58.

    Fire flow charge

    The fire flow charge is for each domestic water service connection to the City's public water system.

    Most residential customers have a 501-1,000-gallon fire flow, which costs $6.47 per month. Effective Jan. 1, 2023 this cost increased to $7.07 per month.

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