Wastewater Utility Rates

  • The wastewater portion of your utility bill has two charges:

     2017 Rates 2018 Rates 
    Residential charge per dwelling unit $27.02 $28.40
    Winter water average usage (average is six per month) $.53/unit = $3.18  .56/unit = $3.36
    Total monthly charge for wastewater service  $30.20  $31.76
    Total bi-monthly charge  $60.40  $63.52

    Consumption-based wastewater billing: winter water average

    Starting July 1, 2016, a small portion of your utility bill for wastewater is based on the home's water usage during the winter months from October to April.

    • Homes that use less water pay the same as homes that use more.
    • Most cities in the region base some portion of their wastewater utility bill on water usage.

    Read more about consumption-based wastewater billing.

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