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Volunteer and Educational Tours

  • Discover fun and meaningful ways to be part of Gresham’s environment. From watching birds and building habitats for critters, to protecting water resources – and visiting City facilities that preserve them.

    Volunteer contacts


  • Adopt-a-Road

    Volunteer making a positive impact on the appearances of Gresham's roads. 

    • Adopt a segment of roadway and help keep it clean. 
    • Be a part of the City’s anti-litter campaign.

    Read Adopt-a-Road volunteer details and sign up information.

    Bird Survey

    Volunteer documenting Gresham’s bird life in natural areas and urban sites around the city. No experience necessary.  

    • Bird ID training provided.
    • Surveys take an average of two hours.

    Learn more about Bird Survey opportunities.

    Dump No Waste – Drains to Stream

    Volunteer marking storm drains with stickers in neighborhoods and commercial areas around town. 

    • The markers remind people not to dump household waste, mop water, paint, etc. down storm drains.
    • Pollutants that enter storm drains are harmful to streams. 


    Keri Handaly, 503-618-2657 |

    Habitat Construction

    Volunteer building and installing habitat structures for Gresham’s birds, bees and bats. 

    • Experience with power tools is preferred. 
    • Work days can be arranged to fit your schedule.

    Donate materials: Nearly all parts of the habitat structures come from donated materials.

    Read habitat construction volunteer details and sign up information

    Natural Areas Replanting

    Volunteer restoring Gresham’s natural areas back to beauty and health. 

    • Plant a native seedling, bush or tree!
    • Planting areas need to be cleared of invasive weeds.

    Read natural areas replanting volunteer details and sign up information

    Pollinator Peace Garden
    Vance Park, 1400 SE 182nd Avenue 


    Volunteer to help us weed, plant flowers and create a safe habitat for pollinators.  The Water Resources Division is preparing a Pollinator Peace garden for spring education talks on pollinators.

    If you are interested in volunteering our would like additional information, please contact


    Weed Watcher

    Volunteer learning about problem weeds here, and help us stop these plants in their tracks. Training provided.

    •  Learn to identify invasive plant species.
    • Report any new infestations of known invasive plants to Natural Resources staff.

      Read Weed Watcher volunteer details and sign up information.

    • Educational Tours

    • Gresham Wastewater Treatment Plant

      Ever wonder where the water goes after you do dishes or flush the toilet?  Public and school group tours are available. 

      • Take a 45-minute guided tour through each step of the treatment process.
      • Learn how the solar array and biogas generation allow the plant to be energy net-zero.
      • Tour booklets are available for students in 2nd – 5th grades.

       Educational resources 

       Schedule a tour 

       Call the Wastewater Treatment Plant office, 503-618-3450. The facility is located at 20015 NE Sandy Blvd.


      Wastewater Treatment Plant

      Columbia Slough Regional Stormwater Treatment Facility

      Green and beautiful - with an important purpose - this 14-acre wetland was constructed to treat polluted water and provide a home to native plants and wildlife.

      • Take a 45-minute self-guided tour through this restored parcel of land.
      • School groups can check out a backpack of educational materials full of activities such as a scavenger hunt.
      • Materials were developed by a teacher to meet Oregon benchmarks.

       Educational resources 

       Schedule a tour 

      The wetland is located next to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant; tours of the facility are self-guided.

      • To schedule an appointment to pick up the gate key and educational materials, call the plant’s main office, 503-618-3450.
      • To schedule an educator to accompany your visit, call the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, 503-281-1132.