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Vertical Housing Development Zone

  • The Vertical Housing Development Zone (VHDZ) was created to encourage mixed-use development in Gresham’s regional center: historic Downtown and Civic Neighborhood.

    • Eligible projects include commercial/retail space on the ground floor with housing above.
    • Projects meeting the criteria receive a partial property tax exemption for 10 years, based on the number of equalized floors of residential development (the abatement is 20-80%). 

    The partial property tax exemption applies only to the building value (not land), unless there is affordable housing included. If affordable housing is included in the project, a proportional amount of taxes on the land can also be abated. 

    Program requirements

    Applicants must provide specific information regarding the proposed project in their application. This information includes, but is not limited to: 

    • Address and boundaries of proposed project.
    • Description of the existing state of the property; description of the proposed project including design, costs, and the number of floors of residential units.
    • Description of the non-residential uses to be included, and their proportion of the total square footage.  

    For a complete list of application requirements call Community Development at 503-618-2891. 


    Vertical Housing Development Zone boundary map


    For more information about this program, call 503-618-2872.