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Urban Renewal Capital Projects

  • Projects are approved by the Gresham Redevelopment Commission (GRDC) and funded with Urban Renewal resources.

    Current projects

  • Catalyst Site/Downtown Rockwood

    The Downtown Rockwood project on the Catalyst Site, formerly known as Rockwood Rising, seeks to build an active, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use town center in the heart of Rockwood.

    Urban Renewal Capital Improvement Program Funded Project Number CIPUR00001.

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    Stark Street Property Redevelopment

    The GRDC purchased the 3.8-acre Drake's 7 Dees Nursery and Landscape property located at 16519 SE Stark St. and 312 SE 165th Ave. to create several opportunities for youth in the neighborhood.

    The new Open School East was completed in 2016. The 7th–12th grade college prep school will serve 270 students from six school districts by 2019.

    Next door, the new Rockwood Boys and Girls Club opened in 2017 with approximately 30,000 square feet occupying 1.7 acres.

    The GRDC approved a Purchase and Sale Agreement on Nov. 21, 2017 to sell the remaining parcel on the site, located at 312 SE 165th Ave., to Latino Network for the construction of a new facility to serve youth and families in East County.

    Closing on the sale transaction is expected to take place upon Latino Network's completion of a capital campaign, and receipt of a building permit for the project. In the meantime, Latino Network is leasing the site and providing services to the community from that location until the project is ready to break ground for redevelopment.

    Urban Renewal Capital Improvement Program Funded Project Number UIPUR00003.

    Sunrise Site

    In September 2016, the GRDC purchased the 0.59-acre Asia Kitchen Chinese Restaurant property at 18801 E. Burnside St. and the adjacent 1.40-acre Sunrise Community Center parcel at 18901 E. Burnside St. Together, these parcels are 2.0 acres and constitute one of the largest sites in the Rockwood Town Center.

    The GRDC plans to redevelop these properties into mixed-use centers of commerce, with the intent of enhancing the effect and the mission of the Catalyst Site/Downtown Rockwood project located a half a block west of these parcels.

    The GRDC purchase of the properties will ensure quality redevelopment in a manner consistent with the goals of the Rockwood-West Gresham Renewal Plan and the GRDC.

    Request for proposal (RFP) No. 22-20 was released on Nov. 19, 2021 to solicit proposals from developers to redevelop the Sunrise Site. Two proposals were received.

    In February, a review committee comprised of GRDC Advisory Committee members, City of Gresham staff, community leaders and consultants, scored the proposals, interviewed the development teams, and scored the interviews.

    On May 17, the GRDC moved to direct the GRDC Executive Director to negotiate a non-binding Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with HMS Development. Upon execution of the ENA, the next step is development and execution of a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) between the GRDC and HMS Development.

    This project covers capital costs associated with site redevelopment, including ongoing maintenance prior to redevelopment. 

    Urban Renewal Capital Improvement Program Funded Project Number CIPUR00004.

  • Accomplishments

    Completed Urban Renewal projects in Rockwood include development, grant and transportation improvements.

    Rockwood-West Gresham renewal plan status report 2020

  • Catalyst Site Interim Uses

    Interim improvements to the Catalyst Site included:

    • The Plaza del Sol
    • A wildflower field with a quarter-mile walking path
    • A children's playground
    Rockwood Public Safety Facility

    Located at 675 NE 181st Ave., the Rockwood Public Safety Facility:

    • Improves Gresham Police presence and visibility in Rockwood 
    • Provides a facility that is welcoming to citizens 
    • Attracts new private investment 
    • Allows for future expansion
    • Demonstrates quality design and sustainability
    • Creates opportunities for new community partnerships

    Constructing the facility delivered on a key promise to voters in the Rockwood Urban Renewal Plan.

    The facility houses a range of functions, including:

    • East Metro Gang Enforcement Team
    • Gresham Police Traffic Unit
    • Patrol and detective units
    • Community meeting room
    Pedestrian Improvements

    The GRDC received Community Development Block Grant funding to:

    • Construct a new pedestrian crossing at SE 179th and Stark Street.
    • Construct a new pedestrian crossing at SE 182nd and Main Street.
    • Complete the sidewalk connection on SE 182nd Avenue between SE Stark and Yamhill Streets.

    Project improvements

    • Improved the area's walkability and safety
    • Completed a pedestrian link connecting Stark Street to Yamhill Street in the Rockwood Town Center.
    187th/188th Avenue Realignment

    The GRDC created a direct north-south connection through the busy Rockwood Triangle by building a new street segment aligning SE 187th and SE 188th avenues.

    Project improvements

    • Creates a safe pedestrian connection between the MAX station and the residential neighborhood south of Stark Street.
    • Includes a new signalized intersection at 187th and Stark Street.
    • Ties the landscape and sidewalk design to the boulevard design on Burnside.
    • Replaces the old section of 188th between Stark and Burnside.

    The project was completed in 2011.

    Burnside Boulevard Improvements

    Safety improvements were made on the south side of Burnside Road between 185th and 190th avenues. The project was completed in 2011.

    Project improvements

    • Wider sidewalks
    • Improved landscaping and street trees
    • New streetlights
    • On-street parking between 185th and 188th avenues
    • Redesigned intersection at 188th Avenue and Burnside with safer pedestrian crossings
    • Distinctive pavement, sidewalk and crosswalk design reinforces the message Rockwood is a special part of Gresham
    East 188th Avenue MAX Station

    TriMet and the GRDC partnered to redesign and rebuild the 23-year old Rockwood/E 188th Avenue MAX Station.

    This project modernized and improved safety at the stop along the original MAX Blue Line. The new station opened in May 2011.

    MAX station improvements

    • Combined platforms with transparent shelters for added safety
    • More lighting
    • Security cameras
    • New ticket vending machines 
    • Public art
    Stark Street Phase II

    The Stark Street Phase II Boulevard Project rejuvenated the Rockwood Town Center and Cultural Marketplace by:

    • Installing transportation amenities to encourage more walking and biking.
    • Improving safety for motor vehicles. 

    Project improvements

    The enhancement project reconstructed Stark Street from 190th to 197th with street amenities including:

    • Landscaped medians
    • Pedestrian crosswalk islands
    • Wider sidewalks
    • Planter strips with street trees
    • Bus shelters
    • Rain-friendly pervious pavement
    • Green street treatments

    The project was completed in 2012 and expanded Phase I, an earlier public investment in 2004 that improved Stark Street from 181st to 190th.

    Wilkes Road Improvement

    The Wilkes Road improvements increased access to and from the NE Wilkes industrial area in Rockwood via NE 181st Ave. and Interstate 84.

    The project supports new and continued private investment, plus additional job creation and retention in the surrounding industrial area.

    Project improvements

    • Provide direct access from I-84, eliminating 1.5 miles of travel on city streets to reach industrial properties.
    • Accommodate southbound left and northbound right turns from 181st Avenue onto Wilkes Road.
    • Allow westbound right turns from Wilkes Road onto 181st Avenue.

    The GRDC approved this public-private partnership to fund and construct the Wilkes Road Improvement Project with the City's Transportation Division and property owner Washington Real Estate Holdings Gresham, LLC. 

    This project was completed in 2012.

    Sandy Boulevard Street Improvements

    Sandy Boulevard is a major arterial through prime industrial land in the Rockwood-West Gresham Urban Renewal Area (URA). To improve the function of the street network through the URA, the project updated the road to current arterial standards and included upgrades to the traffic signal at 181st and Sandy Blvd. These improvements will attract new capital intensive industrial development in the URA. 

    This project was coordinated by City of Gresham Environmental Services Department.

    Urban Renewal's contribution to the project was $800,000.

    This project was completed in November 2021.

    Urban Renewal Capital Improvement Program Project Number CIPUR00002.

    Rockwood Urban Plaza

    This project designed and constructed up to a 1-acre neighborhood urban plaza in the Rockwood Plan District. The plaza is located in the Downtown Rockwood development in front of the Rockwood Market Hall at 458 SE 185th Ave.

    The plaza features play structures, a splash pad, seating areas, and will be a venue for community activities and events throughout the year.

    The project was completed in August 2022.

    System Development Charges (SDC) Park project #19.

    Urban Renewal Capital Improvement Program Project Number CIPUR00005.