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Urban Design and Planning

  • Urban Design and Planning is committed to serving the needs of our community, both today and into the future. 

  • Planning projects

    Urban Design and Planning works with residents to develop a vision for the community and charts the course to make this vision a reality, including:

    • Enhancing the vitality and safety of neighborhoods
    • Expanding economic development potential
    • Improving design throughout the community
    • Protecting the environment
    • Coordinating with regional partners

    View current projects.


    Comprehensive Planning assists businesses, residents, and the Gresham community through programs that create vitality, sustainability and livability.

    View Comprehensive Planning programs.

    Applications and forms

    Planning a development project? These resources will guide you towards applications and forms specific to your project needs

    Visit the document library.

    Code and regulations

    Different codes and guidelines regulate different types of projects. Make sure that you're informed throughout the process and use these resources to get your project started.

    More about codes and regulations