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Type II Home-Based Business License

  • A Type II home-based business license is required when a home-based business:

    • Involves customers or clients visiting the residence of the applicant
    • Includes non-family members or non-residents as employees
    • Will receive deliveries other than those made by small-scale carriers normally found in residential areas, such as the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or courier service
    • Will remain within the confines of the dwelling unit or garage

    Before applying for a Type II home-based business license, read the following information:

    Next, submit the following materials to obtain your Type II home-based business license:

    Contact us

    While not required, applicants may schedule a pre-application meeting with City staff to review the proposal's compliance with the City's code standards. 

    To schedule a meeting, contact Permit Services at 503-618-2845.