Street Reconstruction

  • Over the next five years, the City is rebuilding all of Gresham's residential streets that are listed in failed condition. 

  • 2019 paving work 

    An estimated 93 streets will be rebuilt in 2019. Work is scheduled from June to October. 

    • Project Background
    • Construction Impacts
    • 2019 Scheduled Streets
    Project Background

    Hitting the Streets: Rebuilding Gresham’s streets

    From 2018-2022, the City is reconstructing its most deteriorated residential streets in the largest street investment in Gresham’s history. Identified streets will be repaired each year, over the next five years.

    Street selection

    • Local streets were evaluated using a pavement condition rating.
    • All streets rated below 25 out of 100 are included in this project. 
    • The City is addressing the worst of the worst streets.
    • Preventative maintenance work will continue to extend the life of streets. 

    Types of work 

    • Sidewalk ramp improvements for pedestrian safety at intersections.
    • Street reconstruction.

     Timeline 2019 (year 2)

    • March-June: Sidewalk ramp work followed by street reconstruction.  
    • June-October: Street reconstruction work.


    Roadwork schedules are subject to change. Check the Street Reconstruction Map for more information.

    • Rain will delay street repaving work.
    • Unexpected issues with equipment, supplies or utility lines could extend the project.


    • Sidewalk ramp improvements, Brown Contracting
    • Street reconstruction, Oregon Mainline

    Environmental Services, 503-618-2525

    Additional information
    Construction Impacts

    What to expect

    The contractor, City project team and inspectors will be on site. We will make every effort to minimize impacts.

    • Work hours are 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. In some cases, work may extend past 7:00 pm.
    • The contractor will leave a 24-hour notice on your door before work begins. The street must be clear of vehicles or other materials. 
    • Watch for no parking signs. Vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense if left on the street at the time of paving.  
    • Mail and package delivery will continue during construction. 
    • Garbage haulers will be notified.
    • Prior to construction, locate crews may mark the street to indicate the location of underground utilities. 
    • Trees and shrubs must be trimmed to allow full access to the street. Notices will be provided if vegetation maintenance is required.

      Construction steps

      1. Remove existing sidewalk curb materials, install sloped ramps to provide improved safety at pedestrian crossings.
      2. Street reconstruction preparation. Construction equipment and materials will be parked on the street.  Project street signs will be posted.
      3. Existing pavement will be ground and milled to prepare the base of the street.
      4. Street shaping, grading and compaction will occur. 
      5. Paving (If it is raining, paving will be delayed). Asphalt is applied and then rolled smooth.  
      6. On larger streets, there may be striping - paint for lanes, bike lanes, etc.

      Construction impacts

      Sidewalk ramp work
      • Temporary sidewalk and bike lane closures; possible flaggers directing traffic; and limited on-street parking.
       Street reconstruction
      • Limited on-street parking. 
      • Dust is likely. 
      • Temporary loose gravel on the street.   
      • Temporary vibration could be felt inside homes.
      • Reduced speeds.
      • Partial street closures, resulting in delays.
      • Access to your driveway may be limited. 


      • If your vehicle is towed, contact Police Records at 503-618-2318
      • For all other questions, contact the Department of Environmental Services at 503-618-2525
      2019 Scheduled Streets

      2019 streets scheduled for reconstruction by neighborhood

      Street reconstruction map

      A complete list of streets is coming soon.

        • Residential paving
        • Hitting The Streets Before and After closeup
        • Hitting the Streets- 182nd

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        • When possible, paving crews are resurfacing one half of the street at a time to provide local access during construction.

        • The street improvements are quite noticeable. 

        • Crews were able to resurface SE 182nd from SE Division Street to SW 5th Drive in five days.