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Street Sweeping Program

  • Residential streets are swept monthly March through November during daytime hours. If weather conditions or a holiday prevent sweeping a street as scheduled, it will be swept at the end of that month, if time permits. 

    Street sweeping schedule 

    Street sweeping map

    Street sweeping keeps roads safe by removing debris, such as paper and leaves that may be an obstacle to pedestrians and bikes. Sweeping removes debris that clog stormdrains and reduces the amount of pollutants that collects on city streets. 

    Help us keep streets clear 

    Keep these items off the street when your street is due to be swept:

    • Garbage cans
    • Recycle carts
    • Cars
    • Boats
    • Campers
    • Basketball hoops
    • Overhanging tree branches must be at least 12’ above the street and 8’ above the sidewalk. For information, review these tree trimming tips. 
    • Keep vegetation from overhanging the curb

    Streets and leaves don't mix 

    Don't blow or place leaves or yard debris in the street. This is a violation of City code. The City sweeps leaves that naturally fall or blow into the streets from nearby trees.

    Arterial street sweeping 

    Transportation provides year-round sweeping of the City's arterial streets the third full week of each month, Monday through Friday, between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. 

    Contact us

    For more information about the City's street sweeping program call our Operations Center at 503-618-2626.