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Stormdrain Cleaning Assistance Program (SCAP)

  • This voluntary program for businesses in Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, and Wood Village offers cleaning of parking lot drains for a flat fee of $45 per drain. 

    Why we offer this program 

    The City of Gresham coordinates this discount program to assist area businesses. Storm drains require regular cleaning to remove pollutants and prevent flooding, and businesses are responsible for maintenance of storm drains on their property. 

    How it works

    This program is offered in the fall and spring each year. 

    To register your property for the spring 2020 season of the program, complete the form below or call for assistance. The service provider will contact you to schedule your cleaning and will bill you after the work is done. If you change your mind, you may decline service when you are contacted for scheduling.

    The flat fee of $45 per drain covers removal of debris from easily accessible parking lot drains. It does not include jetting, repair, or servicing drains that require additional time or equipment to access. Contact us if you have questions about service at your property. 

    Sign up for spring 2020 service


    If you have questions about this program, please contact us at or 503-618-2522.