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Sign Code Update

  • Project description

    This project, which is part of the Council Work Plan, will result in new rules that:

    • Address temporary signs.
    • Address electronic signs.
    • Incorporate graphics and measurements.
    • Are recognized by Code users as clearer and easier to use.
    • Retain large sections of the Code that are working well, including maintaining the current balance described in the City's sign design policy between the need to identify sites and activities and the need to limit visual clutter.

    Current Sign Code standards may be found in Appendix 6 of the Development Code.

    • Status and Updates
    • Project Background
    • Project Documents
    • Contact
    Status and Updates
    Project Background

    Gresham’s Sign Code has not been significantly revised in at least 20 years. Although many parts of it work well, others require clarification, improvement or updating. 

    Project Documents

    There are no documents at this time.


    Mary Phillips