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Sewer Improvements

  • Crews will be working at street manholes to re-line sewer pipes using cure-in-place pipe lining (CIPP).  CIPP re-lines the pipe without digging up streets. This cost-effective solution extends the life of pipes and ensures the safety of our wastewater system.  


    While the main sewer pipe is being re-lined, connections to the public sewer are temporarily sealed off.  To prevent wastewater backups, residents are asked to pause the use of water/wastewater. Work may take up to 11 hours depending on the size of the sewer pipe being re-lined.  

    • Crews will notify residents 24-48 hours prior to working on your street.  
    • Work hours: Monday – Friday, 7am - 6pm 
    • Re-lining work is usually completed within one day.  

    During pipe work, do not:  

    • Flush your toilet 
    • Wash clothes 
    • Run your dishwasher 
    • Take a shower or bath 

    What to expect

    • Temporary sewer service interruption.  
    • Construction equipment will be on parked on your street.  
    • Crews will be working in the street, from manhole to manhole. 

    About the work

    As sewer pipes age, they are more prone to cracks. Pipes can also become damaged by roots or blockages. The City monitors and cleans sewer lines to protect the health and safety of our community. The sewer work that is scheduled restores pipes to ensure the safety of our sewer system. 

    • Crews will clean the sewer line to flush any debris from the pipe.  
    • Crews seal the lateral pipes that connect to the main sewer line.  
    • The new liner is inserted at the manhole.  
    • The liner is cured using heat or ultraviolet light.  
    • Crews reconnect the lateral pipes.  

    Department of Environmental Services, 503-618-2525