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Recycling and Solid Waste

  • The City regulates private haulers, sets collection service rates and standards, and provides residents and businesses waste-reduction and resource conservation information.
  • Recycle right: Not recyclable at home 

      • No frozen food boxes
      • To-Go containers
      • No paper coffee cups and lids
      • Plastic bags
      • Plastic lids

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      • Frozen food boxes are made of cardboard, but are coated with plastic. The plastic coating makes frozen food boxes unrecyclable. 

      • Take-out, deli or other food containers, including clamshell containers are garbage. 

      • Paper coffee cups are coated with plastic making them unrecyclable. Plastic coffee cup lids and straws are not recyclable. 

      • They are recyclable, but not at the curb. Plastic bags are a serious problem for recycling facilities. They get caught in machinery.

      • Plastic lids and caps are too small or too flat to be sorted out of recycling. These items are garbage.