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Public Information Requests

  •  Per Oregon State Law, City of Gresham records are available for inspection and/or copying by the public, unless exempted by state statute.

    How to get records

    Select and submit an online form. 

    Contact Christina Still at or 503-618-2697 for assistance. 

  • Building Permit or Inspection Records

    Types of records available

    • Building permit history
    • Building permit inspection history
    • Building permit inspection results
    • Certificates of occupancy
    • Approved plans
    • Building code violation cases and inspections
    Code Compliance

    Types of records available

    Exterior property code violations, such as:

    • Grafitti
    • Overgrown vegetation
    • Accumulation of debris, garbage or junk
    • Sidewalks
    Development Applications or Planning Records

    Types of records available

    • Design review
    • Planning Commission
    • Hearings officer
    • Pre-application conferences
    • Conditions of approval
    • Plan map amendments
    • Comprehensive plan amendments
    • Street vacations
    • Tree removal
    • Zoning verification letters
    • Temporary use
    • Variances
    • Zoning code violations
    • Plats and subdivisions
    Development Engineering Records

    Types of records available

    Development engineering records are primarily related to privately financed public improvements. These include public water, wastewater, stormwater, transportation and parks improvements required to be built as part of a private development application.

    Economic Development Records

    Types of records available

    Economic Development will respond to requests regarding traded sector and/or economic development projects and programs.

    Environmental Services: Transportation, Public Works, Parks

    Types of records available

    • Transportation, including signals, curbs and sidewalk
    • Wastewater, including Gresham's wastewater treatment plant
      • Septic system records in Multnomah County are maintained by the City of Portland
      • Underground oil tank records are maintained by the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
    • Water
    • Stormwater
    • Recycling and solid waste, including garbage hauler information
    • Parks
    Financial Records

    Types of records available

    • Utilities
    • Winter water average
    • Utility fees
    • Utility services
    • Accounts payable and receivable
    • Unclaimed funds
    • Budget
    • Financial reports
    • Business licenses
    • Finance Committee
    • Lodging taxes
    • Purchasing
    • Liens
    • Payroll
    Fire and Emergency Services Records

    Submit a Fire Department public records request form.

    Types of records available

    • Fire reports
    • Medical reports (must be requested from a person listed on the report with identification or via subpoena, and/or with signed documentation stating they can obtain these records)
    • Hazardous materials
    • Underground/above-ground storage tanks
    • Property history for developed commercial buildings (any outstanding issues)

    For more information about Fire and Emergency Services records, contact or 503-618-2355.

    Information Technology Records

    Information about technology services. 

    Mayor and Council Records

    Types of records available

    • Council agenda materials
    • Resolutions
    • Ordinances
    • Council orders
    Media Requests

    Members of the media can make a public records request by sending a written request directly to

    Personnel/Employee Records

    Types of records available

    • Employee data
    • Union data
    Police Records

    For records related to the following, submit an online request.

    • Police reports
    • Accident reports
    • Visa letters (local background check only, on site with photo identification)
    • Background checks (local only with photo Identification)
    • Vehicle releases
    • Towed vehicle information
    • Body-worn camera recordings
    • Crime activity dispatch reports
    • General Police Department questions and referrals

    For more information about these types of records, contact or 503-618-2318. 

    For all other police-related records, submit a Police Department public records request.

    Rental Housing Inspection Program Records

    Types of records available

    • Property maintenance inspection reports
    • Complaint inspection reports
    • Exterior property inspection results
    • Interior unit inspection results
    • Violation notices and checklists
    • Rental housing liens
    Rockwood/Urban Renewal Records

    Types of records available

    • Asia Kitchen Restaurant Lease of 18801 East Burnside St.
    • Gresham Redevelopment Commission
    • Gresham Redevelopment Commission Advisory Committee
    • Gresham Redevelopment Commission Budget Committee
    • Latino Network Lease of 312 SE 165thAve.
    • Rockwood Rising Project (Downtown Rockwood)
    • Sunrise Center Lease of 18901 E Burnside St
    • Rockwood-West Gresham Renewal Plan
    • Urban Renewal Accomplishments