Senate Bill 1051 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

  • This project ensures the City’s Comprehensive Plan complies with Senate Bill (SB) 1051 regarding the provision of affordable housing. The City’s plan will be updated to reflect the following items:


    New definitions for “affordable housing,” qualifying application,” and “needed housing.”

    Rule changes for accessory dwelling units

    An accessory dwelling unit is a secondary residence on the same lot as a single-family home.

    • Rules will change to allow detached accessory dwelling units and accessory dwelling units to be attached to garages.
    • If all standards are met, accessory dwellings may be approved through the building permit process.
    • If standards are not met, a variance would need to be requested.

    Application processing

    Applications, for certain multi-family developments containing affordable housing units, will be required to be processed in a shorter time period.

    Project information

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    Project Background

    Senate Bill (SB) 1051 was signed by the Governor on Aug. 15, 2017. SB 1051 emphasizes the need for statewide affordable housing, and went into effect on July 1, 2018.

    City amendments focused on changes to rules regarding accessory dwelling units (a second dwelling unit on a single-family lot) and processing times for projects with an affordable housing component.

    Status and Updates

    Staff provided City Council with a project overview on May 22. At that time, Council directed staff to proceed with the proposed amendments. The Planning Commission hearing was held on June 25, followed by the City Council hearing on August 21. Enactment was on September 18.


    Jim Wheeler