School Incentives Program

  • Recycling supports resource conservation in schools by providing seed money for environmental projects through start-up grants. Grant applications accepted each fall. These projects increase awareness among educators, students, their families and the community.


    For more information contact or 503-618-2134.

    Grant projects

  • Deposit Container and Workshop

    Congratulations, Hogan Cedars Elementary.

    • Hogan Cedars raises funds for their green team by collecting .10 deposit containers and redeeming them through the BottleDrop Featured Fundraiser Program.
    • They used grant funding to bring Trash for Peace, a local non-profit organization, into their school for a classroom lesson on sustainability and a bin-building workshop using discarded soda.
    • The bins serve multiple functions for the school at-large: bringing awareness to one-time use materials, reuse, and collecting bottles that raise funds for school activities.

    Project in collaboration with Green Team Leaders Nick Sifuentes, Kristy McKenzie and Trash for Peace Director, Laura Kutner.

    Dual-flush Toilets

    Congratulations, Centennial Park School.

    • Students and staff at CPS estimate that they can reduce water consumption at the school by a minimum of 7,000 gallons per year by installing dual-flush converter kits in all of the school’s seven toilets.
    • Installation of the kits will be done by the custodian and a student intern. 

    Project led by Ajai Huja, principal, and Jason Bitz, custodian.

    Energy Stars

    Congratulations, Highland Elementary!

    • The newly established Highland Green Team used grant funding to start an Energy Stars program at school. Their program engaged the entire school in an education campaign about energy conservation and included follow-up classroom audits to determine how well teachers and students are meeting their school’s goal of reducing energy consumption.
    • Funding was used to get the program up and running and to purchase classroom incentives/prizes that align with sustainability, such as solar lamps, allergenic plants and supplies made from recycled content.

    Project led by 5th grade teacher and green team leader, Krista Pannell.

    Environmental Gardening Curriculum

    Congratulations, Hall Elementary School

    • The SUN program at Hall will provide curriculum to students supporting principals learned through hands-on activities in the school’s organic vegetable and natural flower garden. 
    • Grant money will help purchase, further develop and implement curriculum that links to school-day learning and state academic standards.

    Project led by Emily Goldberg, SUN site manager.

    Garden Irrigation

    Congratulations, Davis Elementary.

    • Davis Elementary school used grant funds to purchase and install a drip irrigation system for their garden. The grant was used to purchase supplies and pay for labor and installation in partnership with Growing Gardens, a local non-profit organization.
    • The club will use the outdoor educational space and to engage families and volunteers in work parties that enhance the school community. The garden team shared their work with the larger school community during assemblies.

    Project led by School Garden Coordinator, Kathleen Barry.

    Outdoor Education Program Supplies

    Congratulations, Powell Valley Elementary School.

    • Using their neighborhood wetlands, creek and forest, the school would like to create an after-school outdoor program to involve 3rd through 5th grade students in environmental studies. 
    • Students in the program will be identified as the school’s “Green Team Leaders” and will share knowledge gained about the natural environment with others throughout the school at assemblies, Green Team meetings and in their classrooms.

    Project led by Sarah Ells, ELL teacher.

    Recycling Infrastructure

    Congratulations, Barlow High School.

    Barlow High School Green Science class did a waste audit and determined that they needed to increase the availability of recycling collection containers in the school. Their grant funded the purchase of 10 additional recycling containers with restricted lids to be paired with existing garbage cans throughout the school.

    The students monitored the containers for contamination two times a week and pulled out garbage and glass before the containers are emptied into the roll carts for service by their hauler.

    Project led by Environmental Sciences Teacher, April Anderson.

    Recycling Line Vests

    Congratulations, Gresham Elementary Schools.

    • The Mt. Hood Quilt Guild partnered with the City of Gresham’s Plate to Power program to make durable smocks for student monitors at recycling stations. These denim smocks are made to be durable and protect students’ clothing while they assist in the school recycling line.
    • Student monitors help educate students and staff about correct sorting in the recycling line and reduce the amount of contamination in the compost and recycling streams. These vests have been field tested at Hogan Cedars Elementary and will replace disposable vests at many of our participating schools.

    Project led by Delleen Kompkoff in collaboration with Gresham staff.

    Reusable Water Canteens

    Congratulations, Centennial High School. 

    • The CHS girls tennis team will use grant money to purchase reusable water canteens, which they will sell to help pay for their athletic fees. 
    • Attached to the canteen carabiners will be a waste reduction message. 
    • The girls will also work with the school’s environmental science teacher to expand their efforts even farther. 

    Project led by Ben Petersen, math teacher and tennis coach.

    School Garden Winterization

    Congratulations, H.B. Lee Middle School.

    • Students in the SUN after-school gardening class want to aid in the success of their school garden and ensure a productive season come spring by properly preparing their 19 raised garden beds for winter.
    • They will add a protective layer of rich soil and amendments to the garden beds, shielding them from harsh winter weather while replenishing nutrients in the soil.

    Project led by Becca Lowry, SUN AmeriCorps community involvement specialist. 

    Schoolwide Sustainability Campaign

    Congratulations, Meadows Elementary School.

    • Meadows Elementary used grant funding to enhance the school’s awareness and practice of the 3Rs and was spearheaded by the SUN after-school green team and gardening club.
    • Funds were used to purchase art and garden supplies, provide curriculum support, and to purchase 10 additional central recycling bins for the school hallways. The club focused on promoting their activities and opportunities to the wider school community.

    Project led by SUN Site Manager, Anne Sires.

    Science and Culinary Garden

    Congratulations, Centennial Park School.

    • CPS received a grant to support a partnership between the science and culinary programs to develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of sustainably grown food within their student body.
    • The grant funds were used to expand existing garden infrastructure including raised beds, a fence, tiller and earth machine composter and to purchase plant starts.

    Project led by science teacher and green team leader, Luna Leduc in partnership with their elective gardening class and culinary program. 

    Waste Free Party Kits

    Congratulations, Butler Creek Elementary.

    School parties and after school events can generate a lot of waste from disposable dishes, cutlery and cups. Butler Creek applied for a grant to purchase 3 kits with durable plates, bowls, utensils and cups along with bus tubs to transport dirty dishes for washing and a large bin for storage.

    Project led by PTA member, Julie Skarphol and 6th grade science teacher, Jackson Bihler.

    Water Bottle Filling Station

    Congratulations, Center for Advanced Learning (CAL).

    • CAL received grant funding to purchase the school’s first water bottle filling station for a high-traffic area at school. Gresham-Barlow School District provided in-kind support to their application by installing the school’s filler.
    • The multimedia students at CAL also explored ways to promote the use of filling stations to reduce the amount of one time use bottles consumed in school.

    Project led by CAL Director, Carol Egan.

    Watershed Restoration and Supplies

    Congratulations, Clear Creek Middle School.
    Students in the after-school SUN program have two projects to improve their campus.   

    • Restoring the riparian zone and improve water quality of the creek that runs through the school grounds by pulling blackberry and replanting the area with native vegetation. 
    •  Restoring  an area previously used as a garden but has become overgrown by weeding it, planting low maintenance natives and adding benches to make it a usable green space for students and staff. 
    • Grant funds will purchase tools, rain gear, heavy-duty work gloves, native plants and a bench for the green space in back of the school. 

    Project led by Zoe Shipley and Erin Moran, SUN community involvement specialists.

    Yard Tools and Supplies
    • Congratulations, Sam Barlow High School.

      • Students needed tools and equipment in order to clean up, reclaim and beautify a natural area on campus that has been neglected due to lack of maintenance. 
      • They will restore an area where students can study plants, observe wildlife and use existing raised beds for gardening.

      Project led by April Anderson, Green Science teacher.