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Sandy Boulevard Project

  • Project description

    Sandy Boulevard connects Portland, Gresham and Fairview. The project improvements along Sandy Boulevard will increase safety and access for all users in this regionally significant industrial area by constructing a complete corridor.

    The project will create better entry to commercial sites in this east Portland metro region and improve access to 19 acres of vacant, state-certified industrial land.

    • Project Background
    • Status and Updates
    • Project Documents
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    Project Background

    Key design elements

    • Modernized traffic signal at 181st Avenue and Sandy Boulevard 
    • Add a second westbound left-turn lane, from Sandy Boulevard to 181st Avenue
    • New 12-foot wide multi-use path on the north side of Sandy Boulevard, between 185th Drive and 201st Ave., connecting to the Gresham Fairview Trail 
    • New 12-foot wide multi-use path on the south side of Sandy Boulevard, between 18st Avenue and the Boeing entrance 
    • New bike lanes
    • Restriping of existing lanes to provide a five-land major arterial cross section
    • New street trees, rain gardens, planter strips and street lights


    The City of Gresham was awarded $3,644,000 in grant funds for Sandy Boulevard through Metro’s Regional Flexible Fund Allocation.

    The grant funds will construct freight-access improvements, mobility, and multi-modal improvements along Sandy Boulevard from 181st Avenue to 201st Avenue.

    Funding includes a combination of Federal-Aid Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds and Gresham Urban Renewal funds.

    Status and Updates

    What to expect

    Construction is in progress. Work is expected to be completed in August. 

    • Construction crews are working west to east. 
    • Temporary speed zone of 30 mph.
    • Traffic control is in place.
    • Local access to businesses is provided. 

    Work in progress

    • Grading on the north side of the street between the Sandy Boulevard Business Park and PacWest is underway.
    • New self-supporting power pole just east of NE 181st is set. Other wiring will be removed in June. 
    • Installation of a new culvert to channel stormwater to the Gresham stormwater treatment facility is scheduled for July

    Completed work

    • A new curb between NE 181st and 185th drive was installed
    • Stormwater planter walls between NE 181st and Boeing entrance have been installed. 


    Project Documents

    Environmental Services, 503-618-2525