Sandbag Station

  • Free sandbag station for Gresham residents

    Gresham homeowners needing sandbags to protect property from flooding or flows because of the rain may access the City's free, fill-your-own sandbag station.

    • The sandbag station is located at the Operations Center at 2123 SE Hogan Rd.  
    • The sandbag station is open 24 hours and provides bags, sand and shovels to Gresham residents for home or private use only.
    • Sandbags are not available for commercial or contractor use. 
    • Citizens are responsible for the sandbags after use; public works crews do not dispose or retrieve them.  

    How to use the sandbag station

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    • A free sandbag-filling station is available to Gresham residents at 2123 SE Hogan Rd.