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SE Palmquist Road Improvements

  • The City is replacing the Burlingame Creek culvert to reduce flooding during heavy rainfall. The culvert, near SE Palmquist and U.S. 26, allows the creek to flow under the road and provide safe passage for fish.

    Road closure 

    SE Palmquist Rd. is closed on the south side of U.S. 26 through mid-December. 

    • No left turn onto Palmquist Rd. from westbound U.S. 26 
    • No right turn onto Palmquist Rd. from eastbound U.S. 26

    See construction zone.

    Project description

    Replacing the Burlingame culvert and traffic safety improvements will be completed in two phases. 

    Phase I

    Phase I will take about five weeks and includes:

    • SE Palmquist closure. 
    • Isolating and temporarily re-routing the creek; the fish will be safely relocated.
    • Erosion control work.
    • Utility work to replace pole and service lines.
    • Installing a portion of the culvert on the north side.
    • Widening SE Palmquist for new safety features.

    Phase II

    Phase II will take about two months and includes:

    • Closing SE Palmquist to all through traffic.
    • Extending culvert to the south end.
    • Upgrading utilities.
    • Constructing the water quality facility.
    • Widening SE Palmquist to the south.
    • Routing Burlingame Creek through the new culvert.
    • Resurfacing and striping the road.
    • Building sidewalks, updating signals, adding handrails, etc.

    Construction impacts


    Work is expected to take up to three months.

    What to expect
    • Notifications will be mailed to nearby residents.
    • Street signs will be posted.
    • Construction equipment, delays and noise.
    • Road closures.
    • Temporary detours.
    • Local access will be provided.
    On site

    Contractor: Moore Excavation


    Environmental Services, 503-618-2525