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Rental Resources for Tenants

  • We have compiled a list of useful tenant resources that apply to Gresham housing.

  • Eviction Information


    For tenants and landlords who have concerns around rent and fees, contact East County Resolutions. This free service helps both sides talk and work out a solution. Call 503-618-3247.

    Help with rent or eviction notice

    Learn about how to get help with rent or an eviction notice on Multnomah County's website.

    File a Complaint

    The City inspects rentals based on complaints related to safety violations, not cosmetic issues. 

    Complaint process

    Step 1. Report the issue to your landlord

    • Report the issue to your property manager in writing.
    • Wait two weeks to allow scheduling of repairs.
    • If you don’t receive a response within two weeks, contact us.
    • If you’re experiencing a serious safety issue, contact your property manager immediately. If they don’t provide a timely response, contact us. Examples of serious safety issues include a heater not functioning during cold weather, electrical hazards, flooding, etc.

    Step 2. Contact the City

    • Submit your complaint through My Gresham.
    • Please provide the following information:
      • Your address
      • A copy of your written maintenance request
      • Photos or links to videos that document the issue(s)
    • We will contact you to ask for additional information and may schedule an inspection.
    • The City may perform an inspection. Inspectors must receive your consent before entering your rental. To save time, submit an inspection consent form in advance.
    • If violations are confirmed, we’ll send a violation notice to the property owner and impose a timeline to correct violations.



    It is illegal for landlords to retaliate against tenants for reporting issues to the City.

    Examples of retaliation may include increasing rent, decreasing services, serving a notice to terminate tenancy, or threatening to bring an action for possession if a tenant lodges reasonable complaints about the rental, testifies against the landlord in court, or otherwise tries to assert their legal rights as a tenant.

    Contact us

    If you have questions, contact us at or 503-618-2248.


    We know it can be complicated knowing what housing resources are out there. The City’s housing resources coordinator, Lauren Moran, can help narrow it down for you and steer you in the right direction.

    Examples of housing resources the coordinator can help refer someone to:

    • Emergency rent and utilities help  
    • Homeownership down payments  
    • Fair housing laws, tenant rights 
    • Landlord/tenant mediation 
    • Eviction help 
    • Rental housing inspections and complaints 
    • Emergency repairs, accessibility modifications/upgrades 

    Note: Lauren does not place people in housing. Our housing resources coordinator connects people to vital housing services and resources. 

    To reach the housing services coordinator, email or call 503-618-2721. 

    For additional housing resources, visit our Housing page.


    Mold can impact indoor air quality. If you are exposed to mold inside your home, you or your family members may experience allergic reactions or respiratory problems.

    The only way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture in your home.  

    Read more about how to control mold below. To file a complaint about mold in your rental home, please see the File a Complaint tab above.

    Rent Assistance


    211 offers assistance with shelter, housing and rent assistance. Dial 211 or visit

    Multnomah County emergency rent assistance

    If you are a Multnomah County resident and are struggling to pay your rent (current and overdue) due to the pandemic, you may be eligible to receive assistance.

    Read about Multnomah County emergency rent assistance.  

    Rental Housing Inspection Program

    The City conducts random, mandatory inspections throughout the year on residential rental properties in Gresham.

    Read more about the rental housing inspection program.

    Additional resources

    Notification process timeline

    Renter Rights and Responsibilities

    Renter rights

    • Legal advice: Renters should contact Legal Aid Services of Oregon for advice if they feel a rent increase is unlawful or they have complaints about discrimination or other legal issues. Call 503-224-4086.
    • General information on renters’ rights: The Community Alliance of Tenants provides renters with information about their rights. Renters Rights Hotline: 503-288-0130

    Rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords

    Additional tenant rights resources

    Utilities Assistance

    Help with utility bills  

    The City offers financial assistance to qualified applicants struggling to pay utility bills.

    Read about the City's utility financial assistance program.

    Our Just Future 

    Our Just Future, formerly know as Human Solutions, provides utility assistance for low-income residents in East Multnomah County.

    Read about Our Just Future utility assistance program.

    Additional Resources

    Local housing assistance


    211 offers assistance with shelter, housing and rent assistance. Dial 211 or visit

    Human Solutions

    Human Solutions partners with people to achieve long-term housing security.

    Read about Human Solutions’ services.

    Multnomah County

    Healthy Housing Program

    Multnomah County has worked to improve the health and quality of substandard housing and help sustain programs that improve the public’s health as it relates to where they live.

    Read about the County’s healthy housing program.

    Vector and Nuisance Control

    Vector Control protects human health through control of the rat and mosquito populations, and serves as a resource for addressing public health vector problems. 

    Read about Multnomah County vector control and code enforcement.


    For tenants and landlords who have shared concerns around rent, fees or other issues, contact East County Resolutions. This free service helps both sides talk and work out a solution. Call 503-618-3247.