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RV Parking Permit Application

  • To help address the growing parking enforcement cases related to RVs, the City has implemented a code requiring a free, 72-hour permit to park an RV on a residential street in Gresham. For more information, see Gresham Revised Code Section 8.25.015.

    Note: This RV parking permit does not give approval for the RV to be lived/camped in while parked on a street or public right of way. See Gresham Revised Code Section 7.10.165.

    Get a permit


    • This permit is available to single-family and duplex properties.
    • Multifamily properties, condo complexes and commercial properties are not eligible for this permit.
    • Vehicle must have current and valid registration.
    • Vehicle must be parked directly in front of address on permit request.
    • City of Gresham water/sewer utility bill account number provided must belong to address on permit request.

    Apply for a permit

    Apply for RV parking permit

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    • Frequently Asked Questions
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    Permit details

    • The permit is good for three consecutive days.
    • You can get up to six permits a year.
    • Please do not connect the RV to external power or water source that may create a safety hazard across public sidewalks.
    • Please do not discharge wastewater into the public system at any location other than a licensed discharge station.
    • Please be mindful of safety around stairs, tips-outs and slide-outs that could obstruct sidewalk or street use. 


    Questions? Contact us at 503-618-2248.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Can the RV park in front of my house for more than three consecutive days?

    A: Each permit is good for three consecutive days.  Each property will have the ability to get six permits each calendar year. If you are requiring a length longer than three days, you will need to get a new permit.

    Q: What if I don’t know my utility billing account number and it’s a weekend?

    A: Your utility billing account information is available online 24/7 through a Your Online Utilities (Y.O.U.) account. If you think you’ll need an RV parking permit during the year, sign up now for your online account.

    Q: What if I need more than six permits a year?

    A: Currently, property owners may not receive more than six permits per year. If an RV is parked next to your property without a permit, it is subject to ticketing and tow.

    Q: Do I need to print out my RV permit email, or can I keep it on my phone as proof?

    A: No, you do not need to print or display the permit on your vehicle, but please retain the RV permit email you receive as proof of having a valid permit.

    Q: Can the RV park in front of my house for a few hours without a permit?

    A: You may park an RV at your house without a permit for the purposes of immediate loading and unloading only. It should be apparent to an inspector or police officer that loading/unloading activity is taking place.

    Q: What if I have a Rockwood PUD account, but I’m a Gresham resident? 

    A: If you are a Rockwood People’s Utility District customer, you still have a City of Gresham utility account for wastewater, stormwater and Police/Fire/Parks fee billing. Your utility billing account information is available online 24/7 through a Your Online Utilities (Y.O.U.) account.